Monday, June 23, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, June 23, 2008, 12:15 PM
  • Scoofers Serves Up Social Media-Influenced Searches

    Ah yes, yet another social media-oriented search engine. This time it's Scoofers, a Netherlands-based service that pulls in data from social bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit to help rank the results.

    Scoofers offers a number of query refinement options, allowing users to drill down by categories like celebrities/gossip, reference/Wikipedia and even by demos like senior citizens or teens. The engine uses aggregated social bookmarking data to determine which categories a given page should fall under.

    Four vertical search engines (travel, electronics, party & dining, and fashion shopping) are accessible from the main page as ...Read the whole story...

  • Internet Yellow Pages And Their PPC Plans Practical eCommerce

    Advertisers with extra marketing dollars to spend don't have to reinvest their entire surplus with Google or Yahoo, or even Live Search or Ask. The Internet yellow pages (IYP) providers also offer PPC ad platforms, and Bill Hartzer reviews a number of them in this piece.

    First up is, which averages 100 million monthly searches. Basic listings (for stores with physical locations) are free, and the company also offers "YPclicks!" which allows business owners to buy PPC ads on a monthly basis.

    Meanwhile, also offers free basic listings, in addition to PPC and pay-per-call ...Read the whole story...

  • I Love Lederhosen: (Or How To Craft Interesting Content) Search Engine Guide

    Diane Aull manages to make lederhosen (and the fictional company that sells them) engrossing in this post, which is all about using everyday experiences as fodder for product- (or service-)specific Web site articles.

    Whether it's a quick blog about how to get schnitzel and sauerkraut stains out of lederhosen without harming the leather, or a section on how to accurately measure oneself for the best-fitting lederhosen, the most effective content blends some kind of personal experience with product knowledge, and of course, a call to action, Aull says.

    The last detail is integral to crafting content ...Read the whole story...

  • ICANN's Proposed Fee To Curb Domain Tasting Abuse Gains Support WebProNews

    Network Solutions is backing an Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) proposal to levy a non-refundable 20-cent fee on each domain that is registered (and then discarded) within the five-day "domain tasting" period.

    Web site buyers would only be charged the fee if the number of sites they deleted exceeded 10% of their overall registrations each month--which means that the proposal is aimed squarely at Webmasters that abuse the add grace period (AGP) system and set up made-for-AdSense (or other ad platform) sites.

    Network Solutions, a domain-registration service, has come under fire in previous ...Read the whole story...

  • The Ins And Outs Of Monthly Campaign Budgeting SEO Speedwagon

    Charles Nevery reviews the new (beta) monthly budgeting option for Google AdWords. Instead of choosing to run a campaign (and stop it) when it hits a certain amount each day, advertisers now have the option of choosing an amount for the entire month and letting the campaign run on its own.

    Nevery says that monthly budgeting would likely be best for "companies that see a large fluctuation in search volume and do not want to miss opportunities by being capped by a daily campaign budget limit."

    Still, advertisers should be cautious when choosing the monthly budget ...Read the whole story...