Thursday, June 26, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, June 26, 2008, 2:30 PM
  • There's Still No Greater Searcher Than An Angry Human Times Online

    Hannah Fletcher details a new trend that has emerged in the wake of the massive Chinese earthquake--search vigilantes using the power of the Web to dig up info on other people and get them punished.

    Gao Qianhui, a young Chinese woman, was irritated by the 'round the clock post-earthquake news coverage, and uploaded a video voicing her discontent. Within hours, search vigilantes, or what Fletcher dubs, the "human flesh search engine" found and posted info about her to various forums and message boards, including details about her parents' divorce, and her home and work addresses. The ensuing fracas ...Read the whole story...

  • Why You Need A Google/Yahoo Paid Search Account Representative PPC Hero

    If you're spending or managing a considerable amount each month on AdWords or YSM, chances are you'd benefit from the attentions of a dedicated account representative. Amber Benedict dishes the dirt on how her Google and Yahoo account reps respond fast to phone calls and emails, have overall familiarity with her campaigns (and their related issues), and even get her first dibs on product betas and invites.

    She even lists a number of ways to go about getting an account rep, either by emailing Google's AdWords support address, or calling Yahoo's advertiser customer service line directly. The caveat ...Read the whole story...

  • Keep Your Yahoo Publisher Network Profit Flowing YPN Blog

    Sites within the Yahoo Publisher Network have standards they have to uphold to maintain their inclusion (and contextual ad profits). If your site's YPN ads suddenly stop showing up, check to see if you've run afoul of the guidelines for inclusion.

    For example, if you show AdSense or other competitive contextual ads on your site at the same time as a YPN ad, then you could get banned. "It's okay to rotate these ads along with Yahoo ads as long as they don't appear at the same time," says Marc Gibson.

    Also, if you have an ...Read the whole story...

  • Microsoft To Ramp Up Search In Europe eBrandz

    While the Micro-Goog-Hoo turmoil continues to broil in the U.S., Microsoft has also begun to focus on growing its European search footprint. At the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, the software giant's brass revealed plans to build a search engineering hub in Europe next year.

    At the center, teams of engineers will work on the algorithms and other tech behind Live Search. The UK is being strongly considered as the location of the hub, which will be modeled after the giant's Search Technology Center in Beijing, China.

    "Success in search in Europe is of paramount importance, ...Read the whole story...

  • Charting The Growth Of Search Analytics ClickZ

    Shane Atchinson interviews Richard Zwicky, president and founder of search analytics provider Enquisite, to find out more about the origins of search analytics, and how tools like Enquisite can and should be used as a complement to traditional Web analytics platforms.

    Zwicky says that the new focus on more detailed, search-specific data like the geographic performance of particular keywords on an organic level, for example, stems from the fact that search budgets are constantly growing. In addition, the entire practice of search has grown more complicated. More complexity and ever-increasing budgets mean more scrutiny from upper management and ...Read the whole story...