Monday, June 30, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, June 30, 2008, 1:30 PM
  • Vivisimo Expands Government Search Options Information Week

    Enterprise search company Vivisimo has expanded its affiliate search program, offering free site and document search for a host of new government-related properties. Sites that use the free Vivisimo Velocity platform can allow users to search through news, images, FAQs and maps, as well as notices regarding government jobs and benefits.

    Sites running the Velocity platform include, the National Library of Medicine and, as well as various government properties in New Zealand and Israel.Read the whole story...

  • Get Your Site AdSense-Compliant, Or Else JenSense

    Jennifer Slegg reports on a wave of Web site owners incurring penalties for AdSense non-compliance. Google has seemingly done away with the email notices offering a three-day grace period to make changes, as Webmasters are finding their entire domain banned from serving any AdSense ads instead. "And it can take several weeks for a compliance checker to re-check the site to make sure all the problems are fixed," Slegg says.

    Exclusion-worthy offenses range from having adult or other otherwise banned content anywhere on the site--even if there are no AdSense ads on those pages--as well as having nothing ...Read the whole story...

  • Live Search Cashback On eBay Too Live Search

    Microsoft rolled out Live Search cashback about a month ago, and has since partnered with eBay to offer searchers deals on products available via "Buy It Now." Now eBay ads that show up during a Live Search will feature a cashback icon, and will take users directly to the product page. Once users get to the shopping cart, info about how much cash they'll get back from their purchase shows up alongside payment details.

    "The cashback gleam (icon) follows you throughout your eBay shopping experience," says Paul Dillon. "This is good continuity for the consumer and something we ...Read the whole story...

  • Yahoo7 To Revamp Austrailian IT

    Yahoo7, Yahoo's joint venture with Seven Network in Australia, is set to revamp, in a push to reclaim lost search market share and gain more favor with advertisers. The changes, which are slated to roll out on July 1, include bringing back the Yahoo yodel, revamping the portal homepage to include more video and user customization, and adding more access to Seven's stable of magazines. The portal redesign also includes more suburb-specific info for users, and will be supported by a multichannel marketing push beginning July 8.

    "The launch tomorrow night is seen as a clear pitch to ...Read the whole story...

  • Spend More Effectively With Local Search Practical eCommerce

    "For the majority of small and mid-size, locally-focused businesses, your target market is more defined than everyone living everywhere," says Lisa Wehr. "With local search strategies for both pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and natural search engine optimization, you can refine your search marketing program, cut costs and grow your business."

    For paid search, go local with regionally defined and geotargeted keywords. Geotargeting helps to restrict your ads to a smaller audience and delivers more qualified leads, while regionally-defined terms can give you wider exposure, yet still allow you to hone in on your target market.

    Meanwhile, for ...Read the whole story...