Monday, August 18, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, August 18, 2008, 12:32 PM
  • No More Boolean Support On Yahoo Pandia Search News

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  • Is Google Forbidding Deep Dives Into Query Results?

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  • A 10-Pack Of SEO Tools For Newcomers ClickZ

    "If you're relatively new to SEO or just about to undertake SEO on your Web site for the first time, you're likely looking for some key resources," says Julie Batten. And she offers the lowdown on 10 essential tools any search newcomer can use to make the optimization process easier and more effective.

    First up are the content and site usability guidelines as put forth by the engines themselves, that is, Google Webmaster Guidelines, Yahoo Search Content Quality Guidelines and MSN Guidelines for Successful Indexing. She provides links to all three.

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  • Grading The Engines' Olympic Offerings StraightUpSearch

    With the Summer Olympics in full swing, OneUpWeb's Alex analyzes the search enhancements offered by each of the engines and crowns Live Search the king. "In my opinion, the search engine that displays the most information and provides the easiest access to medal coverage, videos, and news articles is Live Search," he says.

    As Around the Net in Search covered last week, Microsoft has packed Live Search with Olympics-themed news, video clips, and the medal count table--and it's all available before searchers even run a query. Google also offers medal count info, news and even boasts a mobile site, ...Read the whole story...

  • Still More Keyword Refinement Tips Ask Enquiro

    Kyle Grant shares some insight on more robust keyword list development and refinement, acknowledging the debate on whether a campaign manager should focus on long tail or head-of-the-tail phrases for better results.

    He suggests looking at torso phrases first--those that are not quite expensive, broad terms, but not hyper-targeted long tail words, either--and then monitoring on as granular level as possible. "Once you know which keywords are driving highly qualified traffic in the torso, it is then possible to look at the longer-tail keywords associated with the high converting torso phrases," Grant says.

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  • Where Do Search Conferences Generate The Most Interest? Search Engine People

    Since SES San Jose kicks off this week, it seems fitting to shed some light on where SES and fellow search-oriented conferences like SMX (and to a lesser extent, PubCon) seem to generate the most interest. Using Google Insights for Search, Ruud Hein uncovers that the conferences have some likely and some very unlikely geographical pockets of interest.

    For example, SES draws tremendous interest from Canadian, Australian and Spanish searchers--in a seemingly more concentrated manner than from searchers in the U.S. A drill down to SES San Jose shows more search interest stemming from California than any other state. ...Read the whole story...

  • Exploring Yahoo's Web Site Design, Usability Data, Etc. Resource Search Marketing Standard

    Yahoo shares a wealth of usability testing data and Web site design experience with Webmasters through its new Developer Center, and Kevin Gold reviews some of the Center's offerings.

    "Yahoo has exposed their testing results on issues ranging from ratings and reviews, reputation, navigational structure, ad placement layouts, bead-crumb navigation best practices and wire-framing tools," he says. "In my past experience, I have spent considerable time searching for this grade of information and have often paid for best practices based on valid testing. Now it's free."

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