Thursday, August 28, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, August 28, 2008, 4:00 PM
  • Are You Working For Google, Too?

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  • How To Craft Competition-Crushing PPC Ads Search Engine Watch

    David Szetela offers an extensive tutorial on the essentials of crafting "killer" PPC ads, including everything from touting your competitive advantage (awards and accolades), using a decisive call to action, highlighting benefits as opposed to features, and even creating a sense of urgency. And he includes examples of each tactic.

    He also explains the one and only goal of a PPC ad. "Let's agree on one thing: the objective of your ad," Szetela says. "Is it to sell your product? Get a sales lead? Nope. Your ad's objective is this, and only this: Get the click."Read the whole story...

  • Search And Save Rainforests At The Same Time Alt Search Engines

    Forestle is an alternative search engine that's green at heart, as the company purchases and protects rain forests with the profits generated from each query.

    "It costs around $200(US) to buy one acre (4,047 m² or 4,840 yd²) of rain forest," says Rafi. "On average Forestle earns around 0.5 US cents per search. Thus, you can save about 0.1 square meter (0.11 yd²) of rainforest with every search at Forestle."

    And while that may not seem like much on its own (it's about the size of an average computer screen), the average Internet users does about ...Read the whole story...

  • Don't Want To Wait For Links? Try These Quick Tips Bill Hartzer

    Bill Hartzer delivers the rundown on six ways to get "nearly instant" links to your Web site. And why might you need inbound links ASAP? "Perhaps it's a blog post," Hartzer says. "Perhaps it's just a new web site and a brand new domain name and you 'want to do something' to jumpstart it somehow."

    First, submit your site to or Easy Link Directory, two sites that quickly establish links. You could also add link-back to the site through one of your (many) social media accounts, including StumbleUpon, and Or go one better and craft ...Read the whole story...

  • Will Google Suggest Affect Your Keyword Referrer Reports? Jaan Kanellis

    The Google Suggest feature helps eliminate searcher misspelling, letting users hone in on what they may be searching for. But as Jaan Kanellis notes, the feature could actually have a negative effect on the long tail and the keywords that you find directing traffic to your site.

    "I think the biggest change will be losing long tail keywords," Kanellis says. "Where you would usually see 4-5 keyword phrases, searchers may opt to try the short tail version Google Suggests. Even if the user stays with a long tail query it more than likely will be one from Google ...Read the whole story...

  • Prepping For The Christmas PPC Crush adCenter Community

    Kate Newton takes a U.K.-based look at pre-holiday PPC preparation in this post, but notes that the overlying themes would also work stateside. First, use a service like Hitwise (or tools that plumb the engines' historical data) to find out when the searches for holiday-related terms start to spike. If it's early October, you may want to start running your targeted campaigns.

    Then, comb the news to find out which products and services have been generating the most hype. "Encourage customers to pre-order and buy early to avoid disappointment through your ad copy," Newton says. And don't forget ...Read the whole story...