Wednesday, December 17, 2008
  • Laurie Sullivan, December 17, 2008, 2:15 PM
  • Getting Your Game On ClickZ

    Matt Story gives us a list of video games that highlight potential industry opportunities for marketers looking to get some hands-on experience in video games. The list, Story writes, is aimed at marketers "looking to update their gaming prowess" before heading into the New Year.

    Nintendo's Wii Fit, one of the four titles Story details, turns "normal living rooms into fitness facilities." The game not only dispels the myth you must have a game controller in your hand at all times, it promotes ongoing physical wellbeing. "As game developers master the new peripheral, a larger number of titles ...Read the whole story...

  • Relationship-Building Remains Top Priority Search Engine Journal

    Link-building requires you to build relationships with key bloggers and publishers in vertical markets you target. Loren Baker provides helpful hints on emailing publishers or approaching professional bloggers to get their approval to share links.

    Baker shows you how to "cut past the boilerplate emails and link requests, and build not only a business relationship with a publisher, but also a long term friendship." For starters, he points to reading the blogger's posts, so you can relate to the topics he/she writes about.Read the whole story...

  • Stealing Clicks To Up Rankings SEOpitmise

    How do you legitimately steal clicks from competitors ranked above you without getting into trouble? Max Capener offers up several "psychological subtleties" you can use to "window dress" your position in search engine results. They range from getting an indented listing, to lowering your ranking to No. 10.

    Capener suggests many tricks to draw attention to your listing. One way of getting attention is to add a phone number to your meta description, he writes. Aside from adding credibility to your site, if users searching for information have Skype installed on their computers, the link turns into a ...Read the whole story...

  • 'How-To' SEO Video ReelSEO

    Video search engine optimization has become a hot topic. Grant Crowell shares some insights from the Search Engine Strategies Chicago Conference and Expo by encapsulating a panel discussion. Speakers on the SEO panel sharing tips on optimizing video on YouTube were Gregory Markel, Greg Jarboe and Steve Espinosa.

    Citing Jarboe, Crowell writes that "how-to" videos are the best strategy for SEO and viral marketing, and suggests building a "How-To" YouTube channel similar to this blog post. The detailed post includes tips on video dimensions, description fields, video images, link building, piggybacking on popularity, tracking and more.Read the whole story...

  • 7 Money-Saving PPC Campaign Tips Saad Kamal

    Few people who have small businesses really understand how to play the pay-per-click game, according to Saad Kamal, whose friend spent more than $4,800 on PPC campaigns in a little more than two months. The friend used AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing and didn't see a return on investment.

    After digging his friend out of the SEM mess, Kamal decided to put together a list of tips that should bring success to "any average Joe" who implements a PPC campaign. Suggesting a few ideas that some may disagree with, Kamal explains these unconventional ideas have worked for him. ...Read the whole story...