Thursday, December 18, 2008
  • Laurie Sullivan, December 18, 2008, 1:30 PM
  • Link-Building Psychology 101 SEOmozBlog

    Many link builders and viral marketers think about high-quality resources or the "ultimate" guide to topics when creating content that naturally attracts links. But for link creators like bloggers, journalists and social media participants, it's sometimes less about linking to great content and more about only doing so when you can get something in return, according to Rand Fishkin.

    For example, Fishkin tells us Twitter users like to link to things that will make their visitors appreciate them. This way they come back for more. So, it becomes important to "play to the linker's egos" and selfishness. You'll ...Read the whole story...

  • How To Build A Brand With SEO Search Engine Land

    Online search marketing can play a powerful role in reinforcing your brand, according to Christopher Wallace. He reminds us that if potential customers can't find you, they'll surely find your competitors. And when they do, chances are they will think your competitors are more competent because they were found -- and not you.

    Wallace offers tips on paid and organic search strategies. He also believes it's important to join the conversation on social media to drive relevant traffic to your site and manage the perception of your brand. It's no secret you are your best advocate. "Think of ...Read the whole story...

  • AdWords Flaw Proves Frustrating Browser Media

    A fundamental flaw in Google's AdWords' platform is proving to be extremely frustrating. When purchased keywords have a low search volume, ads often do not appear in queries, even if users are searching on the exact phrase you bid on.

    In this case, Google serves up a message that the quality score is great, but doesn't trigger the ads when you search on targeted keywords. Getting the ads to show requires you to bid on slightly less relevant keywords. This post provides tips on handling this glitch.Read the whole story...

  • Black Hat, White Hat Strategies Search Engine Watch

    Google's paid link detection algorithms keep improving, making it increasingly difficult to buy links. In a recent discussion at SES Chicago, panelists Todd Friesen, Doug Heil and Dave Naylor didn't recommend black hat tactics.

    Eric Enge summarized the discussion by adding that Friesen and Naylor recommended starting with a few paid links to get a site off the ground. "Heil and I recommended engaging in natural link building from the start," Enge writes. "None of the parties recommended taking substantial risks."Read the whole story...

  • 6 Experts Talk About Building Hot Natural Links Winning The Web

    Gyutae Park asked a few link-building buddies their thoughts on tactics for building great links and posted their responses online, along with a few photographs. He asked "What are some of the biggest considerations when building links for better rankings?" and "What are some of the most effective tactics that are Google-proof?"

    The tips and tricks run the gambit, from paying attention to where links are placed on the page, to sponsoring local business, charities and school sporting events in exchange for a sponsored link. Along with the dos, the post also provides a few don'ts. Like, don't ...Read the whole story...