Friday, December 19, 2008
  • Laurie Sullivan, December 19, 2008, 1:00 PM
  • More On SEO Bookmarklets Search Engine Journal

    Ann Smarty provides a list of 10 SEO bookmarklets that you can use to analyze page links and images. She also provides links to the first two posts from this series: Google Bookmarklets, and Bookmarklets for On-Page SEO Diagnostics and Domain Stats Analysis.

    Smarty breaks down the post into two sections: analyze page links, and analyze page images. Some of the links in the post include full URLs as a link test, page links, linked pages, check images, zap images, and more.Read the whole story...

  • 5 Local Search Tips ClickZ

    Claim your local listings and add location terms to your title page, suggests Mary Bowling with her guide to using local search profitably.

    Bowling says you can start by laying claim to your local listings in Google Maps, Yahoo Local, and MSN Live Local. "This will help your customers find you and get correct information about you," she writes. "Almost as important, it will prevent unethical competitors from hacking or hijacking your business listings on these important Web sites."Read the whole story...

  • 5 Social Media Tips To Boost SEO Strategies Marketing Sherpa

    Marketers can create SEO benefits by reaching out to members of social media sites who use their products.

    Any content full of keywords and inbound links that you create on social media sites can raise your profile with the search engines. Some examples in the post come from John Fischer, proprietor of Sticker Giant, a site that has gained top organic placement for terms like "stickers" and "custom stickers." For example, Fischer blogs about his customers and their passions. He uses his blog to highlight interesting customers and the stickers they've created, rather than directly promoting his company.Read the whole story...

  • Glitch In Editor 7.0 For Windows And Mac Google AdWords

    Google has found a glitch in the AdWords Editor version 7.0 for Mac and Windows released this week. Existing users will have to download their accounts again after upgrading to the new version. There is a problem with the automatic upgrade feature, so Google has asked that you refer to special instructions in its blog post.

    As for the new features, Emel Mutlu explains version 7.0 includes first page bid estimates, which approximates the maximum cost-per-click bid it would take for your ad to reach the first page of Google search results when the search query matches your ...Read the whole story...

  • Do Most PPC Visitors Have ADD? Search Engine Watch

    You could have more success if landing page designers build the project assuming most people visiting sites through pay-per-click ads suffer from Attention Deficiency Disorder, writes David Szetela.

    Szetela focuses on landing pages used as destination pages for PPC, and provides details for setting up a strategy. "The first and most important objective of the landing page is to convince the visitor that they've come to the right place," Szetela writes. "If this crucial first step doesn't happen immediately, many (and possibly most) visitors will hit the back button and click on one of your competitor's ads."Read the whole story...