Tuesday, December 23, 2008
  • Laurie Sullivan, December 23, 2008, 3:15 PM
  • When SEO Ranks Wrong Answers The Wall Street Journal

    How does the Earth hang in the sky? Why do dying plants turn brown? Web sites that provide answers to these questions "live and die by their ability to get high rankings among Google search results," using SEO to crawl their way up to the top, according to Julia Angwin, who calls these sites "the lowlifes of the Internet."

    Angwin writes that one SEO consultant, Jeremy Goodrich, runs an answer site on the side to "showcase his SEO abilities." So what's the problem? All too often SEO helped catapult the answer to the question to the top ...Read the whole story...

  • Sullivan Serves Up A New Look Search Engine Land

    Search Engine Land has gone through a redesign. Danny Sullivan introduced the new look this week. Two years old this month, the site now offers libraries, video content, how-tos, and exclusive content for members. The site also brought back the ability to comment on posts.

    Sullivan explains Sphinn added Editor Rob Kerry and other staff, who look forward to hearing from you. "When we launched our Sphinn social news site for Internet marketers back in July 2007, we stopped allowing comments directly on Search Engine Land itself," he writes. "Instead, you had to submit our stories to ...Read the whole story...

  • Stepping Back To Get A New View ClickZ

    Erik Dafforn takes a Taoist view of SEM to offer words of wisdom. "To attract the most visitors, do not think about traffic," or "if you want visitors to stay, show them how to leave," or "the more innovative the product, the less people will want it," he writes.

    Chances are if you build a "gizmo that solves a problem most people don't know is even a problem yet, you'll need to be equally creative in looking for keyword veins and devising an overall SEM plan that will prove beneficial, and your expectations should be realistic," Dafforn writes. ...Read the whole story...

  • 10 Search Marketing Predictions For 2009 Find Resolution

    Yahoo will be broken into separate units and sold off. Google will offer DART Search as a freebie. Omniture will swoop up Covario. These are some of the 10 predictions Aaron Goldman makes for search marketing in 2009. They span the gamut, from well-known companies buying selling or merging assets, to sweeping changes in privacy policies and services offerings.

    Goldman predicts "Google will have a major privacy slip-up and experience serious consumer backlash," pointing to the fact "a lot has been made over the issue of privacy lately," with Yahoo cutting the amount of time it stores ...Read the whole story...

  • SEO Christmas Quiz SEOptimise

    For those of you still at work trying to get through the last 48 hours before beginning your Christmas holiday, Stuart Tofts offers up a Christmas search engine quiz to amuse you. He calls it a "festive alternative to a serious blog post."

    In the quiz, you will find questions like "The first Google doodle was to show the company's employees were attending what event?" and "How many unique users does MSN say Live Search have?" Tofts explains you will find the answers at the bottom of the page "but if you are tempted to cheat -- remember ...Read the whole story...