Wednesday, December 24, 2008
  • Laurie Sullivan, December 24, 2008, 3:00 PM
  • Closing Out The Year At No. 1 (Drum Roll, Please) Google AdWords

    Trevor Claiborne, part of the AdWords crew, has posted the top 10 favorite posts for 2008, according to FrankRank, Google's AdWords ranking system. In an earlier post, Frank the turkey, AdWords's mascot, tells us, in a little tongue-and-cheek humor, FrankRank is based on "how well a particular ad goes with mashed potatoes and gravy... and quite frankly, how much I like the ad."

    FrankRank ranks No. 10 the blog post on Search-based Keyword Tool, which helps you locate missed opportunities for advertising campaigns. At No. 9 is "Groundhogs, Seasonality, and Trends," a fun post on how you could ...Read the whole story...

  • Google Adds Search Options Search Engine Land

    Barry Schwartz summarizes multiple features Google recently added to Image Search and Google Reader Blog, such as a "What's Hot" area. In addition to searching in Image Search for faces or photo content types of images, or news content, now you can search for line drawings and clip art.

    A link in the post to the Google blog provides an example of the new options. It looks at the first few results for "Christmas," one of Google's most popular queries on Image Search at the time. You can access the images several ways without typing extra words into ...Read the whole story...

  • Problematic SEO Sitemaps Search Engine Guide

    Mike Moran wants you to know sitemaps are not required for search engines to crawl your site. He explains that pages designed properly allow Google and friends to "happily" add your pages to their indexes. But what if the sitemap isn't built correctly?

    Moran suggests checking Google's, Yahoo's and Microsoft's search engine to make sure your site's pages are indexed. If you have 60,000 pages, the best you can do is spot check with a method he provides. Rather than become fixated on sitemaps, keep testing to ensure your pages are being indexed.Read the whole story...

  • 7 Free Simulation Tools Search Engine Journal

    Ann Smarty compiles a list of 7 free spider simulation tools that allow you to evaluate a Web page. One of her favorites, Domain Tools Text-Browser, offers basic SEO tips to improve SEO scores, aside from the standard features such as H-tags, links and nofollow.

    Spiderview, which offers a handy interface and several useful options, is another tool she recommends. She cites the tool's ability to show you the page content, stripping CSS and Javascript. It then lists internal and external links and their anchor text. And at the end, the tool gives you the full page source code ...Read the whole story...

  • Challenging The Long-Tail Theory SEOmozBlog

    Is the long tail dead? Rand Fishkin turns to the SEM/SEO community to ask if long-tail queries are driving the majority of site traffic after calling out attention to a post in the Times Online U.K. Edition. Fishkin explains the long-tail theory has been questioned for years.

    The online publication reported "The Internet was supposed to bring vast choice for customers, access to obscure and forgotten products - and a fortune for sellers who focused on niche markets. But a study of digital music sales has posed the first big challenge to this 'long tail' theory: more than ...Read the whole story...