Friday, December 26, 2008
  • Laurie Sullivan, December 26, 2008, 11:45 AM
  • Clarifying Bounce Rates WebProNews

    How do bounce rates relate to SEO? There doesn't seem to be a clear-cut answer to this question -- but Mike McDonald clarified the issue by asking "Googlers" Adam Lasnik, Matt Cutts and Avinash Kaushik.

    Chris Crum introduces these interviews in his post, shedding light on how to define a bounce. The bounce rate of your site might determine where you rank in search engine. If your site's bounce rate is high, you could have lower rankings in the search engines. Lower bounce rates may mean higher rankings. Google Analytics defines a bounce as any visit where the ...Read the whole story...

  • Planning Your 2009 PPC Strategy StraightUp Search

    Getting more from your PPC strategy with less funds and resources will become a priority in 2009. Steve encapsulates a recent study released by Marketing Sherpa that suggests only social network marketing and email marketing will become a larger part of digital marketing plans moving into 2009. Brands will somewhat phase out paid search marketing, or PPC, display advertising, mobile marketing, and other forms of digital advertising.

    Steve suggests trial and error may continue to support campaign performance and efficiency, but there will be less room for error. "Strategies will need to be more targeted to reduce wasted ...Read the whole story...

  • Microsoft: How Closely Did You Pay Attention? Seattle Tech Report

    Have you been paying attention to Microsoft's failed bid for Yahoo -- and other events of 2008? Joseph Tartakoff put together a 10-question quiz to see if you're a Microsoft know-it-all. For your information, several questions have more than one answer.

    I've included one question to whet your appetite, but no cheating. For example: "In early February, Microsoft shocked Wall Street with an offer for Yahoo. How much was Microsoft's bid initially worth?" The answers are at the end of the quiz.Read the whole story...

  • Calling On Web Community For Advice SEOmozBlog

    Rand Fishkin asks the SEO community for help in describing important metrics that you might apply for second and third level domains. The SEOmozBlog group has been playing around with Linkscape, creating new naming conventions for metrics and features that were previously exclusive to Web indexing researchers, information retrieval scientists and search engineers.

    "Things like mozRank and mozTrust have seemed to work out fairly well so far, but our testers and members have struggled a bit more with mozRank vs. Domain mozRank--one is for a page while the other applies to a domain--and been seriously confused about FQDs ...Read the whole story...

  • 8 Ways To A Successful PPC Campaign Search Engine Journal

    Agencies don't work alone. Clients need to take responsibility for helping agencies succeed, according to Brian Carter. Clients need to trust, collaborate and communicate with their agency reps, as well as work closely to choose clear goals and understand what it takes to create a successful PPC campaign.

    Carter explains a host of terms and processes, including PPC conversion rates. He suggests the client's Web site must run analytics to tell if the PPC campaign will deliver a decent return on investment. "Given your profit margin, conversion rate, and the estimated average CPC, you can find out ahead ...Read the whole story...