Friday, January 23, 2009
  • Laurie Sullivan, January 23, 2009, 1:45 PM
  • A Jury Of Your Peers Search Engine Guide

    Searchers judge a Web site by such criteria as if they can find the information they need, how quickly they can find it, and whether or not all their questions are answered, according to Stoney deGeyter, who uses the analogy of judge and jury to illustrate his point.

    You may have done a great job integrating your SEO strategy. Consumers have found your site. But each shopper who abandons products in the shopping cart because she finds it too cumbersome is a juror that may deliberate with others on whether your site is easy to navigate and use. ...Read the whole story...

  • 20 Free Social Media Buzz Mining Tools aimClear

    This list of 20 tools lets you mine the buzz in social networks, according to Marty Weintraub. Best of all, they're all free. The tools can help you understand the top topics people are chatting about and what social site SERPs reveal about the market.

    Among the tools listed are StumbleUpon Recently & All Time Most Popular Tags, Facebook Lexicon, and Twitter. For example, Weintraub steps through the process of finding content by tag and keyword clusters with Google's External AdWords Keyword Tools. He believes you can build keyword lists rooted in search frequency to understand the chatter ...Read the whole story...

  • Personalized Search Creates The 'Experience Economy' Graywolf's SEO Blog

    Michael Gray has never been a big fan of personalized search. But after watching a video from TED (the Technology, Entertainment, Design conference), he had a "Zen" moment. While personalization makes SEOing a site more difficult, it's the natural step in the process of a maturing Internet and search advertising, he realized.

    In the video, Joseph Pine tells us consumers want personalization. And it all started with commodities used as raw materials to manufacture goods that eventually became commoditized. To reignite consumer interests, businesses took the commodities and customized services. This personalization has led Internet businesses and search engines ...Read the whole story...

  • How To Calculate ROAS Acquisio

    When signing up new clients, even before launching a PPC campaign, calculate the potential ROAS of the keywords you are targeting. Sound advice from Naoise Osborne, who tells us how to calculate the return on investments for the amount spend on ads.

    Osborne explains that this basic approach of pre-checking keywords for ROAS can help "launch campaigns that stand a better chance of being profitable quickly, rather than analyzing data after some time (and some money!) has passed." This metric aims to help you understand what "costs-per-click should stand a good chance of performing well," Osborne writes.Read the whole story...

  • 'Failure' And 'Miserable Failure' Searches Serve Up Obama Search Engine Land

    Leave it to Danny Sullivan to write a post on Googlebombs created by manipulating links and search rankings to produce a specific result for a certain search term. The most infamous one had requests for "failure" and "miserable failure" triggering former President George W. Bush's biography. Bush's Web team tried to fix it, with mixed success. And now, because the regime change triggered a redirect from Bush to Obama content, those unflattering results now point to Obama.

    Sullivan reports he's already "tried to reach the Obama administration in four or five different ways" to report this problem. "I know," ...Read the whole story...