Wednesday, January 28, 2009
  • Laurie Sullivan, January 28, 2009, 4:00 PM
  • Offline Gmail The Official Google Blog

    Google said it will take Gmail offline by offering a tool that lets users connect without Internet access. The Offline mode offers access with a Web-based interface. The tool allows you to read, star, label, compose and archive email. Look for the Offline link in the upper right corner of the Gmail window near your user name.

    Andy Palay explains that some Google employees have been using offline Gmail for quite a while. He personally has read thousands of messages and answered hundreds en route to visit his son and daughter. "And it's saved me more than once when ...Read the whole story...

  • Malware Found In Google Video Search Results

    If you haven't got the message already, perhaps Dancho Danchev can convince you of the need to batten down the hatches to improve fraud and malware detection geared at social media, online advertising, search marketing and pay-per-click advertising. Danchev explains that during the past couple of days, one group involved in countless numbers of blackhat SEO campaigns across the Web began to target Google Video with a campaign that has hijacked approximately 400,000 search queries to trick users into visiting a bogus and malware-serving adult Web site.
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  • Performance Pricing Models Could Change Everything ClickZ

    Hollis Thomases presents tips on outlining a performance media planning strategy. "As more ad inventory becomes available, publishers who once might have only accepted CPM buys have suddenly become open to performance pricing models," she writes, suggesting that could change the way media planners look for space to place ads.

    Thomases suggests doing the math by "back calculating" metrics from an actual sale to determine what the company can afford per lead or per click. It's important to understand the entire conversion process and the number of visitors who turn into leads. You also need to know how many ...Read the whole story...

  • Mastering Analysis To Identify Trends Google Analytics Blog

    Jessica Hullman from Pure Visible, a Google Analytics consultant, provides a tutorial on mastering motion charts that make it possible to perform both "high-level analysis" such as identifying long-term trends, to targeting analysis, which allows you to gauge a specific event.

    Hullman guides you through several processes that can help you identify changes in values for keywords as the campaign matures. She also shows you how targeting traffic from a channel can influences the quality of visitors, landing-page optimization affects visitor behavior, and engagement metrics relate to conversion rates. Most importantly, she suggests keeping close tabs on your ...Read the whole story...

  • Retargeting On A Budget Search Engine Journal

    Increasing the number of times someone sees a campaign ad could increase the chances of turning a browser into a buyer, according to Gab Goldenberg. While you typically need "fancy technology" to do this, Goldenberg has developed a "low-budget" solution to accomplish the task.

    Goldenberg provides a list of tools you may want to consider when reevaluating your strategy to improve sales. They include a "demo spider" to show you where external links connect, and a report on the sites and engines that drive traffic to competitors in a list of top referring domains.Read the whole story...