Tuesday, February 24, 2009
  • Laurie Sullivan, February 24, 2009, 1:31 PM
  • Tips To Optimize Local Search Search Engine Journal

    Ryan Caldwell has been dabbling in local search during the past few months in preparation of the "supposedly imminent arrival of mobile search domination" and wants to share what he has learned with marketers.

    When it comes to local search, Caldwell writes, one of the most important things you can do is to build a list of quality references across the Web that contain your business, physical address, phone and Website address. He also adds helpful tips such as "wherever you have access to the html code, it can also help to bracket your business address with the ...Read the whole story...

  • Things Google Search Can't Find PC Magazine

    Images, public databases, speeches, printed literature and some online books are some of the things Google can't find. The list has become as much as an obsession to some as what the search engine can find. And while you might read this and say "hey, Google can find that," John Brandon explains why not all of these items are searchable.

    Google often can't find information on auctions or health records, but the search engine is working on it, Brandon writes. "The search is just not detailed enough--and some info is contained in private databases," he writes. So, Google's ...Read the whole story...

  • Microsoft Reportedly Revisiting Yahoo Search Deal CNet.com

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has reportedly "reiterated his interest in landing a search deal with Yahoo" but has been rebuffed, writes Dawn Kawamoto, citing CNBC. She also points to a post in The Wall Street Journal that reviews some of the recent executive shifts at Yahoo and how that might play a role in the deal.

    Jessica Vascellaro at WSJ writes "As Yahoo chief executive Carol Bartz readies a company-wide reorganization, insiders are playing close attention to how she'll fill one critical hole." Gerald Horkan left the company a few weeks ago, and his post remains empty.Read the whole story...

  • Defining AdWords Account Vs. Profile Google AdWords

    Google thought it best to go back to basics and teach AdWords users the difference between an "account" and a "profile" after more than 14,000 people in January searched its Help Center to look up the difference. Even long-time users said they had a vague understanding of the difference, according to the post.

    So what's the diff? "To put it simply, an account contains a collection of profiles," according to the post. Next, the post provides profile dos and don'ts. For instance, do give each profile a different name so it's easily identifiable. Don't neglect to create a ...Read the whole story...

  • SEO Tools for Mobile Search Engine Land

    Bryson Meunier believes SEO of pages geared toward mobile users will increase in importance as more people adopt smartphones with browsers that can search the Web. He suggests "best practices" he believes will get marketers started on the right track.

    While marketers should focus on title tags, links and keyword, SEO experts also need to consider the attributes that make mobile different, Meunier writes. For instance, mobile differs from desktop search behavior in frequency and intent. So, he provides insight into mobile-specific SEO tools like Google's mobile keyword tools.Read the whole story...