Tuesday, April 21, 2009
  • Laurie Sullivan, April 21, 2009, 5:15 PM
  • Google Labs' Similar Images and Google Timeline Google Blog

    Google has rolled out Similar Images and Google Timeline. Since it can sometimes be difficult to find the right image on the Web by just using words, Similar Images uses "visual similarity" -- that is, "you don't have to refine the text of your search, instead, you can just click on the link of an image you like."

    "Google News Timeline organizes information chronologically by presenting results from Google News and other data sources on a zoomable, graphical timeline," according to the blog post. "You can navigate through time by dragging the timeline, setting the time scale ...Read the whole story...

  • Managing International Accounts PPC Hero

    Kerstin Baker-Ash provides some tools and tips for managing multimarket accounts across different countries and time zones.

    Issues you may have to deal with include seasonality: "If your American clothing company is launching in Australia," using Google Insights for Search,"you can sense-check your keyword inventory against seasonal trends, and tailor your ad copy to audiences who might not be looking for your winter clothing line in January."

    While the "knee-jerk reaction to rely on automated tools for setting up multimarket accounts" seems quick and simple, the real input, and perhaps success, should come from "your own PPC Guru ...Read the whole story...

  • Using SEO To Fight Islam Extremism The Register

    The British online journal, "The Register," reports that Britain's Office of Security and Counter Terrorism is training moderate, pro-Western Islamic groups in SEO in order to "flood the Internet" with "positive" interpretations of Islam "in an attempt to drown out extremist voices online."

    The strategy is being developed despite recent warnings from a group of international experts suggesting it will be "largely ineffectual."Read the whole story...

  • Ranking Well In Google Product Searches SEOmozBlog

    Tom Critchlow suggests marketers should pay attention to Google Base because the service can help boost rankings. It provides the underpinning to numerous vertical search portals from Google, including Google Products. He serves-up tips on improving rankings with Google Products and Google Base review sites such as dealtime.com and pricegrabber.com.

    Pay attention to title, price, description, data stuffing and fresh data, he writes, providing examples on the types of information marketers might miss. For instance, Critchlow points to the phrase "buy iPhone." In the example he pulls from the Web, Apple doesn't rank No. 1 in Google search ...Read the whole story...

  • SEO Tools, Back To Basics Search Engine Watch

    Keyword tools, SEO site-grader tools, linking tools, browser toolbars, and other SEO tools are detailed in this beginner's guide to SEO.

    Jones also provides tips and tricks to manage SEO projects. "You should be aware by now that the number and quality of external links that come to your site are an important factor in achieving good rankings," he writes "You need to be able to see how many URLs have links to your site and their quality, which is measured by its PageRank. A PageRank of 10 is the highest and rarest. You're looking for PR 3-4 ...Read the whole story...