Monday, July 20, 2009
  • Laurie Sullivan, July 20, 2009, 2:33 PM
  • Google's Powerful Keyword Research Tools Search Engine Land

    Tony Soric reviews two new free research tools--Google Sets, and Google Squared--to help pay-per-click marketers with keyword expansion. He writes that as competition intensifies identifying unique high-quality keywords becomes not only important, but difficult, too.

    Google keyword tools lets marketers identify search-volume data, and find options to build long lists, Soric writes.Read the whole story...

  • Another Take On Google's Earnings Econsultancy

    Not sure if you caught this last week, but Google experienced an "unhealthy downward trend" in paid search ads, according to Patricio Robles, who gives his own take on Google's earnings. He writes that data from SEM solutions provider Efficient Frontier's Customer Index confirms the 2% sequential decline Google experienced in its core paid search business is "very real."

    Efficient Frontier saw between 20% and 31% decline in CPCs among advertisers in its Customer Index during the second quarter of 2009, Robles writes. Google CPCs dropped 31% while CPCs on Bing and Yahoo dropped 30% and 20%, ...Read the whole story...

  • Cool SEO Options In Firefox Add-Ons Search Engine Journal

    The Web Developers Toolbar, a multi-feature add-on for the Firefox browser, offers several "cool" SEO options, according to Ann Smarty. Some of them include searching for image paths and file names, disabling JavaScript or CSS styles, and displaying image Alt attributes.

    Another option, researching and visualizing on-page links, lets you display URL path next to each text link, outline External links ("Outline" -> "Outline links" ->"External links"), and view the list of all page links ("Information" -> "View link information"), Smarty writes.Read the whole story...

  • Summer Book Review: Escaping Search Matt Cutts Gadgets, Google, and SEO

    Keep reading if you want to know the books your favorite Google search guru recommends for summer reading, though they have nothing to do with SEO or paid search. Matt Cutts makes a list of his faves -- mostly fiction, including Josh Bazell's "Beat the Reaper," Lee Child's "Gone Tomorrow," and A. Lee Martinez's "Monster."

    Cutts describes "Monster's" plot as whimsical and humorous. In "Monsters," strange creatures roam the world, he writes. The story somewhat reminds him of a Terry Pratchett book. But where "Pratchett dangles the end of the world in front of readers with a ...Read the whole story...

  • 6 Reasons To Love Google SEO Book

    Aaron Wall admits to being cynical toward Google. He doesn't trust authority figures, as they tend to kill many Web-based businesses that are too reliant on search. Rather than bash the company again, he decided to spend some time discussing six reasons to love Google.

    Those reasons include Google's free tools to improve productivity, and that fact that AdSense offers an easy baseline revenue stream. Wall writes that following Google and understanding the intent behind many of its moves can provide more insight and education than any marketing course you could take.Read the whole story...