Wednesday, July 22, 2009
  • Laurie Sullivan, July 22, 2009, 4:30 PM
  • SEO Success Requires Understanding How Search Engines Work Straight Up Search

    "Relentless" optimization is the key to success, according to Steve. It's all about combining text, products, videos and photos in SERPs, which takes a little more thinking when mapping an SEO strategy. All these elements will impact search results and rankings.

    Steve writes that as different forms of content become more prevalent across the Web, and as the demand for this content in different media continues to increase, search engines are faced with the ongoing challenge of finding, organizing and serving up the content. Understanding how each search engine works will become the key to ranking your clients' sites ...Read the whole story...

  • Don't Forget The SEO Contract Search Engine Roundtable

    Do you make clients sign a contract for SEO services? Often signing on the dotted line gets overlooked. A scenario summarized by Search Engine Roundtable makes clear whey it's important.

    Basically, SEO Gal got stiffed for payment. She optimized a site for a Web designer. The client's site ranked on the first page of Google for five of the keywords within a few weeks, but the client refused to pay because the site was not listed above his competitors'.Read the whole story...

  • Shedding Light On Google's Tools ClickZ

    Google's Webmaster Tools aren't magic, though sometimes they may act a little mystical when sorting through the numbers and data points. Erik Daffron thinks the tools can access a "trove of analytical and diagnostic data for your sites." But sometimes too much data can be overwhelming.

    So, Daffron attempts to demystify some of the sub-categories in Google's tool, such as Sitemaps, Crawler Access, Sitelinks, Change of Address and Settings. Daffron explains, for example, the "Settings" subcategory lets you control three separate functions of Google's crawler, index feature and page ranking. The "Geographic target," recommended for geo-targeting, focuses on ...Read the whole story...

  • The New SEO Reality Search Engine Watch

    Have you heard Google wants to rank brand Web sites? Mark Jackson explains. More often than not, big brands have informative Web sites with lots of other sites linking to them. In Google's view, these two important "signals" imply the site has "authority," a major factor in calculating the "quality score" that determines how Web sites rank in SERPs.

    Jackson discusses something he calls the "new realities of SEO," and what you need to do to build your brand online. Making your Web presence special will carry a lot of weight in the new SEO reality. A ...Read the whole story...

  • Identifying Linkable Content Search Engine Land

    Garrett French writes that without a thought-out approach, careful research and custom tools, it's difficult for link builders, writers and content strategists to know what content will attract links in a target market. So, he serves up a detailed list with instruction on developing and distributing linkable content.

    Start by identifying the top information sources in your keyword space, extracting resources from the top 20 results, and spotting the linkable content from the top resource domains, French writes. Later you can move on to identify who links to topics similar to content you've already created.Read the whole story...