Tuesday, July 28, 2009
  • Laurie Sullivan, July 28, 2009, 5:18 PM
  • Lee Odden Talks SEO AimClear Blog

    Marty Weintraub asks Lee Odden -- described as a "thought leader" -- to describe his vision of the intersection of SEO and social media, and what successful holistic integration looks like.

    Weintraub also digs for the answers on Odden's search marketing core values. He asks, have they changed during the years? Other topics discussed include SEO training, as well as common client-integration barriers and what steps to take to maximize the potential for success.Read the whole story...

  • Understanding The Importance Of Linking For Rankings ClickZ

    Mike Grehan provides a refresher on how linking data became an important strategy. He provides a brief history before diving into how the "two most important ranking algorithms," PageRank and HITS, work.

    Aside from the technical overview, Grehan serves up advice for getting links, developing a niche, and providing great customer service. Make a list of the "compelling reasons" why another site would link to yours. He writes that if can't get beyond why your friends and family should link to your site, rethink why you built the site in the first place.Read the whole story...

  • SEO Semantics Set The Agenda SEO Book

    Framing a statement can influence how customers respond to it. "Framing," or semantics, sets the agenda, definining a "set of ideas, conditions, or assumptions to determine how something is approached, perceived or understood," according to Peter Da Vanzo.

    Stepping through the process to construct SEO frames that work, Da Vanzo explains if you tell a group of base jumpers 1% of all base jumpers die horrible deaths, you'll get few people signing up. Tell them, however, that 99% live and it sounds more appealing.Read the whole story...

  • Nudging SEO SEOmozBlog

    After reading "Nudge," Will Critchlow set out to define the main themes in the book and highlight the ideas that could apply to SEO. Since many are about human weaknesses, or at least human effects, he applied some to conversion rate optimization.

    In this heady post, Critchlow tells us why conversion rate optimization is an important consideration when referring to traffic generated from search, since engines are not susceptible to human-based nudges. Other terms he discusses from the book include anchoring, availability representativeness, optimism and confidence, and gains vs. losses.Read the whole story...

  • One-On-One: Econsultancy's Ashley Friedlein Down The Avenue

    In an interview with Econsultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein, Renee Blodgett gets the lowdown on Friedkin's views on technology and social media. He says that Econsultancy has more than 10,000 followers on Twitter. The tweets are, for the most part, created from posts on the company's blog.

    Friedlein says Twitter drives traffic to Econsultancy.com, which is monetized via advertising and memberships. It's also used to drive inbound links to improve search rankings, and support customer service through direct connections with employees who directly respond to requests. Other social networks support the company, too. LinkedIn groups, for example, drive ...Read the whole story...