Wednesday, August 19, 2009
  • Laurie Sullivan, August 19, 2009, 4:45 PM
  • IPhone App For AdWords On The Go Search Engine Roundtable

    The Apple App iTunes store began selling an iPhone application a few weeks ago that manages Google AdWords campaigns, according to Search Engine Roundtable. developed the app, dubbed PPC Editor.

    PPC Editor sells for $16.99, and enables AdWords advertisers to manage campaigns on the go. Although not created by Google, it relies on Google's API to pull data from AdWords campaigns. Search Engine Roundtable believes Google is working on a mobile AdWords interface that will run on iPhone, Android, Pre, and other smart phones.Read the whole story...

  • 7 Steps To Facebook Page SEO All Facebook

    Find a good URL, configure your default tab, generate links to your page, and use Facebook for inbound links to your company's Web site. These are a few of the seven tips Nick O'Neill lays out to help optimize profiles and content on Facebook.

    Most of the tips are basic steps to increase the amount of traffic driven to Facebook public profile pages, but O'Neill also provides a few details the intermediate marketing expert may not know.Read the whole story...

  • Defining SEO Link Spam To Stop The Madness The WebMarketCentral Blog

    Link spam has become a more vexing issue for search engines, basically because it's difficult to detect and there's no clear definition, according to Tom Pick.

    Pick writes that for Web site owners, link spam represents emails requesting the recipient list the inquirer's site on their Web site. He explains that the challenge for search engines is they aren't privy to these emails. And in a link spam campaign, links from various sites with a mix of one-way, three-way and reciprocal, is often indistinguishable from a reputable link-building program.Read the whole story...

  • Fox News Disses SEOs SEO Book

    Aaron Wall notes that Fox News's Web site has derogatory commentary about SEO professionals. It calls SEO experts "e-mail spammers ... or Web site spammers ... or a search engine optimizer ... who clog the Internet with unwanted ads and sell users' personal information to the highest bidder."

    Wall calls the example "idiotic" because it appears on a "domain lander page," not a site that relies on SEO practices. "Worse yet, the site consists of nothing but an ad feed from one of the search engines, so if that site is spam then so must be the ...Read the whole story...

  • Link-Building Tips For Small Businesses SEOmozBlog

    While link building is among the toughest SEO challenges for small businesses that support ecommerce features, it's also one of the most popular, according to Rob Ousbey. He offers up some advice for those working on projects for small businesses, either in-house or at an agency.

    The tips range from adding product reviews and non-commercial content, to asking business associates and industry friends to link to your site. Ousbey provides details on each, suggesting the addition of content that offers up advice on products and services specific to your site.Read the whole story...