Friday, September 18, 2009
  • Laurie Sullivan, September 18, 2009, 3:16 PM
  • How To Build Authoritative Links SEO Gadget

    Richard Baxter discusses whether Web site owners really need large numbers of relevant links to get a site to rank for top keywords. He writes, "No. As long you've built links on reasonably trusted, authoritative domains, and you've thrown in some (sometimes over) optimized anchor text for good measure, you can still rank."

    Baxter provides supporting evidence to prove his point with an example. He starts by gathering data from Yahoo Site Explorer and Linkscape. Then he adds the usual metrics, along with an additional series of percentage calculations and counts of inbound link relevancy by profiling ...Read the whole story...

  • What To Look For In An SEO Link Builder Search Engine Watch

    Knowledge on a variety of topics, creativity, task-oriented behavior, attention to detail and ability to multitask are five skills that successful link marketers possess. That's according to Justilien Gaspard, who believes not every link marketer will excel at all five. However, the more proficient they are, the more likely they will succeed, he writes.

    Gaspard explains these five skills are just a few important qualities to consider when searching for an SEO marketer to build links. It's important to find the correct person that will offer balance to your team of employees, as well as fit in with ...Read the whole story...

  • Three Fee Models To Consider Find Resolution

    The season to start thinking about marketing and media budgets for next year is upon us, according to Jeff Campbell. So, he serves up a quick reference guide to the most popular agency fee models in hopes of giving a little guidance.

    The three most popular fee models are Percentage of Media, Retainer/Dedicated Staff, and CPA/Performance. He defines and lists the pros and cons for each. For example, the CPA/Performance-based model handcuffs the agency to the client's site content, potentially causing some conflict between partners when one is investing resources and the other isn't, he writes.Read the whole story...

  • SEO: The Value Of In-Person Networking SEOmozBlog

    Rand Fishkin notes that no matter how prolific you are online, it's important to network in person with people in online marketing because "a little face time with like-minded folks can build important bonds that far surpass what can be accomplished online."

    In-person networking can improve knowledge, connections, and personal and company branding. Getting the practical experience and hearing firsthand stories about projects that work can help SEO professionals become more successful. Attending events allow SEO professionals to meet others in the field, who are typically more than willing to help when they can.Read the whole story...

  • How To Identify A Good SEO Candidate Search Engine Land

    Aaron Wall believes SEO is the most "explosive" form of search engine marketing that has the highest return, especially for successful companies already in the game.

    Wall identifies site attributes that can make or break an SEO project. For example, new sites typically don't have that competitive advantage, so owners might want to consider letting it age a bit by doing some of the SEO marketing in-house before seeking professional help, he writes.Read the whole story...