Monday, September 21, 2009
  • Laurie Sullivan, September 21, 2009, 5:45 PM
  • There's Still SEO Value In Blogging Outspoken Media

    Despite Brian Carter's blog post earlier this week giving four reasons why "SEO blogging sucks and why you shouldn't do it," Lisa Barone thinks blogging still offers value.

    Blogs gave companies a voice, it bred authority before Twitter came along, and delivered a bunch of links, she writes. Blog are a differentiator, help to start the conversation and allow clients to get to know a company better.Read the whole story...

  • One on One: Chris Silver Smith StoneTemple Consulting

    In a interview, Chris Silver Smith and Eric Enge discuss the ins and outs of local search. Enge digs into a variety of topics, from tips on getting Web sites to rank well in local search, to the best way to clean up an aggregator that doesn't manage and monitor data well.

    For example, when Enge asks for ways links and Web references can improve query rankings, Silver Smith goes into a lengthy explanation. He begins by explaining that Google uses as many ranking factors as possible in an effort to broaden sources and stop people from exploiting ...Read the whole story...

  • Finding Nuggets To Produce SEO Fodder SEOptimise

    Web sites need passive and active SEO. Tad Chef defines both before providing a detailed example to support his thesis. He writes that passive SEO is when you create a resource once and then gain long-term traffic and sales on the Web site with little effort. It works on "autopilot." Active SEO requires you to continually create content or build links for content on blogs or Websites.

    Chef provides insight on finding topics to write about for blog posts and Web site content. He suggests checking search analytics for questions that get asked repeatedly, as well as well ...Read the whole story...

  • Working Through Analytics Search Engine Guide

    Analyze the overall mix of the campaign, identity who or what sends the site traffic, and consider the source. Tom Demers explains how to extract meaning quickly when traffic on your company's Web site jumps or declines and you're asked to explain not only what happened, but why it happened.

    Screen shots walk you through a variety of features in Google Analytics. "While you could certainly do more in-depth analysis than that outlined above," it's a good start for small small business owners and small marketing departments to get a quick handle on the way that their numbers ...Read the whole story...

  • Shaking Up Search Terms SEO by the SEA

    Bill Slawski likes to search on a term, tweak it slightly, and then search again even if he's satisfied with the terms returned on the first query. He tells us about University of Washington researchers who published a paper on how people search on the Web, and how those searchers might reshape and rewrite the query terms they use when trying to find information on a subject.

    Slawski writes that the patterns in query reformations provided by the researchers might help searchers, site owners and search engines to provide better results to searchers.Read the whole story...