Thursday, September 24, 2009
  • Laurie Sullivan, September 24, 2009, 5:30 PM
  • Where Did You Leave Your Manners? Graywolf's SEO Blog

    Michael Gray is looking for the SEO community to have better manners. He points out the damage you can cause by linking to strange things on someone's Web site or blog.

    Gray writes that although you don't know for sure if the something strange you see is a Wordpress hack or test, don't tweet about it, write about it on your blog, or worse, link to it. "It's the same as pointing at my crotch and telling me my zipper is down."Read the whole story...

  • Some Of The Best SEM Tools Are Free Search Engine Land

    Searching is the second most popular online activity, second only to email, according to Patricia Hursh. She thinks B2B marketers should become more concerned with getting all they can from search engines for free and forget about the SEO investment and paid search budget. So, Hursh profiles several easy-to-use tools that provide insights into customers' needs, emerging market trends, and competitive market threats.

    Web analytics tools are among those Hursh discusses because every year marketers spend millions of dollars on research to determine how consumers think, what they look for and their view of companies. She writes ...Read the whole story...

  • Review: LinkExaminer To Check Site Links Search Engine Journal

    Anne Smarty reviews LinkExaminer, a tool that checks all one's site links. It has some useful features that SEOs may want to tap into, she writes.

    Smarty explains you can sort all your site pages by any of the columns, as well as export all the scanned results into a CSV file. She provides examples for both sorting and scanning.Read the whole story...

  • Budgets Loosen Up, Now What?

    As economic conditions slowly improve, many companies could see marketing departments distribute search budgets more evenly between organic and paid search. Louis Ventor reminds us of the old saying, "build in a recession, and reap in a boom."

    Ventor suggests investing in a SEO strategy and you'll "sow the seeds to dominate organic search when the recession ends." He provides suggestions on setting up a sustainable strategy and distributing funds between organic and paid search.Read the whole story...

  • One-On-One: Rand Fishkin Econsultancy

    Patricio Robles spoke with SEOmoz CEO Rand Fishkin about the 2009 Ranking Factors report, the dilemma of paid links, and how social media is changing SEO. So many times industry reports are written for gurus in the field, but Fishkin says the report also contains information for the novice.

    Aside from the technical aspects of SEO, Robles and Fishkin discuss what's ahead. For example, Fishkin says SEOs has started to see the decline of header tags--H1, H2, among others--as an important page factor. He's "bullish" that social signals, particularly links and mentions via Twitter, may rise when that ...Read the whole story...