Monday, October 19, 2009
  • Laurie Sullivan, October 19, 2009, 2:30 PM
  • Optimizing Government Sites Occam's Razor

    In a very long post, Avinash Kauskik demonstrates how to measure the success of government Web sites, using as an example.

    Kauskik admits optimizing government sites can be a "bit more complicated," but puts together a checklist to ensure satisfaction ratings remain high. Kauskik suggests outbound link tracking, as well as knowing the length of time it takes for someone to find key information on the site.Read the whole story...

  • One-On-One: Craig Danuloff On Paid Search Webmaster Radio

    Jump to 11:45 in the following podcast to hear Virginia Nussey's interview ClickEquations's Craig Danuloff, who shares tactics on a query-based approach to PPC, along with insights on search campaigns, and a synergistic approach to SEO and PPC. Danuloff talks about the PPC buying cycle.

    Read the whole story...

  • HuffPo A/B Tests Its Headlines Nieman Lab

    Zachary Seward tells us how The Huffington Post tried real-time A/B testing to pick one of two possible headlines for various stories. He writes that HP's Chief Technology Officer, Paul Berryspoke, briefly about this topic earlier this month while on a panel at the Online News Association conference in San Francisco, but wouldn't elaborate much in a one-on-one discussion following the session.

    A/B testing isn't the only way to gain the popular vote. Seward writes HP editor Josh Young also has been crowdsourcing headlines on Twitter.Read the whole story...

  • Finding Missed Opportunities In Keywords Search Engine Guide

    It takes more than analyzing logs to identify the words that bring in the most traffic and conversions, according to Mike Moran. Rather then only focus on the keywords that bring in traffic, think about those that have potential.

    Moran gives us a three-part checklist to help find hidden keywords.Read the whole story...

  • Retargeting Strategies Explained Search Engine Watch

    Kevin Lee provides help with cutting "through the hype" to figure out what retargeting program to use. "Most importantly, you need to know when two retargeting programs are incompatible with each other (meaning you may have to pick one vendor with whom to work)," he writes.

    He provides a primer on the three kinds of retargeting programs: search visitor recapture, targeting-driven, and publisher-driven. He also suggests starting with a strategy that lets you target search visitors to your site first. Existing customers and those who visit your site have a stronger tie-in to your brand than others.Read the whole story...