Thursday, October 22, 2009
  • Laurie Sullivan, October 22, 2009, 3:15 PM
  • How To Keep SEO In The Budget Search Engine Guide

    SEO can reach potential customers in tough economic times. While some marketers ask themselves "can I afford it," Stoney deGeyter writes that when it comes down to basics, the question really becomes "Can you afford not to SEO?" He realizes budgets are an issue, but provides some tips that can help justify the cost.

    DeGeyter believes following his recommendations can make SEO more affordable. And of course, "there is nothing wrong with doing it yourself, just be sure you know what you're getting into," he writes.Read the whole story...

  • Affiliate Marketing 101 Guide Search Engine Journal

    Amazon Affiliate marketers might want to check out Joshua Odmark's summary of the methods and guidelines for affiliate marketing on social media. Amazon's Dave Cotter contributed to the guide to help marketers understand the nuances, Odmark writes.

    The guide offers tips on being aware of trademarks and copyright content, and whether programs permit the use of social network sites, such as Twitter, to drive traffic to Amazon.Read the whole story...

  • Searching Through The Funnel Search Engine Land

    The biggest mistake marketers make is not developing a keyword list that thinks outside of the box. So Patricia Hursh provides tips on how to become more creative, such as asking yourself "What else are my customers looking for, and how can I address their broader set of needs?"

    Hursh reviews a free tool, Search Funnel from Microsoft AdCenter Labs, that helps marketers understand the research process from the beginning to the end of the search funnel. Hursh explains how to use the search funnel, ways to gain qualitative data, and best uses for the data.Read the whole story...

  • A Lesson In SEO Ranking & Sex Israel New Agency

    What do SEO and sex have in common? Sex "is referred to as a basic need [-- in] the same way as SEO is critical for your site," notes this post, mostly a parody written initially by SEO experts in India (and edited by Joel Leyden's communications company).

    In an attempt to use the word "sex" as much as possible to raise search rankings, the piece makes some very funny assertions: "Both [SEO and sex] are organic functions - although both can be paid for. But please, do not confuse Google Adwords with prostitution. Although both may be optimized ...Read the whole story...

  • How Search Engines Should Handle Abbreviations SEO by the Sea

    The information returned by search engines in a search query really depends on the words people type into the search box. Sound simple? Bill Slawski found a patent application published last week where the search engine asks if it should convert acronyms and abbreviated queries to include results from the non-abbreviated version.

    Slawski demonstrates the difference in search results by highlighting a few examples, such as searching on Bing for NASA Moon bombing vs. National Aeronautics and Space Administration moon bombing. He provides some advice that marketers building keyword lists may want to consider.Read the whole story...