Friday, October 23, 2009
  • Laurie Sullivan, October 23, 2009, 2:45 PM
  • Interview: Google's Maile Ohye SEOmozBlog

    Jen Lopez interviews Google's Maile Ohye. In the video, Ohye talks about the best approach for indexing deep sites, handling multiple sitemaps, influencing frequent crawls and schedules, duplicating content from scrapper sites and more.

    Ohye tackles Lopez's question on scheduling Google bots to crawl the site by discussing the importance of bandwidth. She explains that while a company can't specify the time of day for Google bots to crawl the site, a feature inside Google Webmaster Tools lets companies slow down the crawl rate.Read the whole story...

  • Google Reader Feature Sorts By Magic Google Operating System

    For those who want to sort posts based on interests, Alex Chitu tells us that Google Reader has added a feature called "sort by magic" that can do just that.

    Sort by magic replaces Google Reader's auto sorting feature, which Chitu explains is no longer available. The new feature works by prioritizing subscriptions with fewer items, according to Chitu. The setting prevents friend's blogs from being drowned out by higher volume sites, such as the New York Times, he explains. He also explains another feature called "popular items."Read the whole story...

  • What To Measure In Social Media SEO Book

    On the advice of a reader, Peter Da Vanzo steps through the process of managing and demonstrating the value of a social media campaign. Some of the measurements he believes are important are rising revenue, the competitive advantage, increases in visitor numbers, and reach.

    While there's no one tool or technique that can measure and track all data, Da Vanzo suggests considering analytics, behavior tracking, dedicated tracking codes for links, coupon codes on Facebook or Twitter, and customer surveys. A satirical video Da Vanzo lifts from YouTube explains why marketers should consider social media.Read the whole story...

  • How To Set Up A Company Facebook Page Search Engine Guide

    Jennifer Laycock notes one big problem for corporate Facebook pages: the social media site insists that one person, rather than a company, must register the page.

    Another problem: Facebook hides the "Create a page" link in several places on the chance you might stumble across one, Laycock writes. But she tells you where to look, how to get started and how to send status updates from a mobile phone. It's becoming more important for companies to have a Facebook page since search engines will feed social media updates into queries in real time.Read the whole story...

  • Know How To Use Thumbnails 10e20

    Patrick Winfield offers some tips on how to get the correct thumbnails to show on social sites -- problematic, especially when someone else has submitted your content. These "visual additions" to text links can make the difference in the topic being read or passed over for another.

    Winfield explains how to correct this problem in media RSS and MRSS feeds, Digg, Facebook, Reddit and StumbleUpon -- sometimes, by using an application called iTag, which allows you to embed titles, descriptions and keywords into your video or photos.Read the whole story...