Wednesday, December 16, 2009
  • Laurie Sullivan, December 16, 2009, 1:59 PM
  • YouTube's Fastest Rising Search Terms Google Blog

    Knowing the fastest rising search terms on YouTube could give marketers insight on what keywords to buy, especially as video becomes the hot advertising medium for 2010. Jamie Davidson, associate product manager at Google, makes a list and checks it twice.

    To develop the list, Google looked at view counts of YouTube's most popular videos, but Davidson tells us that in some instances the search engine aggregated views across multiple versions of the same video. For example, the fastest rising YouTube search term for November globally was "bad romance," vs. "adam lambert" in the United States.Read the whole story...

  • Has Google Turned Simplicity Into Complexity? Outspoken Media

    In case you missed it, Lisa Barone asks an interesting question: Is Google moving in the wrong direction? And as Barone steps through the search engine's mantras, from "don't be evil," to "organize the world's information," I can't help but think that the underlying theme seems to shout "Where's the simplicity now?"

    Barone writes "Google was about taking the strain off doing whatever it was you wanted to do. That's what I liked." Complexity turns people off. Simply, Barone poses the question if enough is enough.Read the whole story...

  • How To Fix URL Confusion The Search Agent

    Mark Fillmore tells you how to determine if your Web site suffers from URL confusion. He explains that any URL-related SEO issue visible to search engines during their normal crawling activity increases URL confusion.

    For that reason, he makes some suggestions on what not to do, including giving search engines duplicate versions of the same page, though each might have a unique URL. Search engines might choose the one you least expect -- thus throwing off Web site rankings in search engine queries, he explains.Read the whole story...

  • SEO Tips To Move A Web Site ClickZ

    When you have to move a Web site, aim to make the transition seamless for users and search engine crawlers. P.J. Fusco explains best practices to help implement changes trouble-free.

    She suggests testing the relocation process by moving the contents of one directory or sub-domain first. Then, she explains how to use a 301 permanent redirect map to transfer authority from the old Web pages to the new destination.Read the whole story...