Tuesday, December 22, 2009
  • Laurie Sullivan, December 22, 2009, 10:06 PM
  • Why It Appears Google's YouTube Cloaks SEO Book

    Aaron Wall says that if you're YouTube "you can put whatever you want behind a subscribe wall, still have that registration-required/paywall content fully indexed in Google, and then force users to sign in to view the content."

    He rants about the process, analyzes the situation to determine if VEVO has anything to do with the program, offers a solution, and later adds a note from a call with Google's Matt Cutts to explain why it happens.Read the whole story...

  • Searching For WolframAlpha WolframAlpha

    The WolframAlpha team highlights feature and function additions to the search engine, which launched live via Webcast earlier this year. The engine supports an "impressive collection" of mathematical functions, including gamma, ellptic and zeta.

    The team also describes the site's physical exercise calculator, which allows people to compute energy expenditure, fat loss, and oxygen consumption for dozens of different activities, from running to rowing.Read the whole story...

  • How Personalization Does and Doesn't Change Search SEOmozBlog

    Rand Fishkin wants to put the minds of SEO professionals to rest. The practice of search engine optimization isn't becoming extinct because search engines are moving into the practice of personalized search.

    Although Danny Sullivan and David Harry mapped out the nuances of change, the industry still appears concerned. So, Fishkin attempts to calm some nerves. He details the impact personalized search will have on SEO, and what those supporting the practice should do differently.Read the whole story...

  • Google Looks Back At 2009 Google Blog

    Google's has been providing a running summary of weekly search changes. This week, rather than run through the launches, Jack Menzel takes a journey through 2009 to highlight a variety of Google innovations, such as improving the speed of the Web, or at the very least, altering the perception of latency.

    For example, to increase browser speeds, Google released Page Speed to help webmasters optimize their sites. Then there was Google Public DNS, launched to help people obtain faster, safer, and more valid DNS results.Read the whole story...

  • WordStream Releases Two Free Tools PPC Hero

    The Free Keyword Niche Finder and the Free Keyword Grouper aim to help search marketers find profitable keywords. Lee describes how to use both and tells us why they're important.

    Lee writes the Free Keyword Niche Finder allows marketers to enter one term and discover relevant keywords and groups. If you have already done the keyword research, the Free Keyword Grouper can organize keyword lists into profitable segments.Read the whole story...