Tuesday, May 25, 2010
  • Laurie Sullivan, May 25, 2010, 1:28 PM
  • 25 Answers From SEO Experts Digital Inspiration

    For those looking to improve Web site visibility in Google search, Amit Agarwal has tapped the shoulders of Google exerts to answer your SEO questions. He's turned the Q&A into a PDF file you can download for offline reading.

    There are 25 questions asked and answered. The topics range from page load speeds to getting more pages in Google Index to XML Sitemaps, and more.Read the whole story...

  • The Data In Google TV HuoMah SEO Blog

    David Harry says for the past few years he's been "collecting" Google patent filings that pertain to targeted advertising for TV. Now he delves into how those patents will be used to create a system that can "monitor watching habits; monitor audience size and composition; predict viewing success rates; offer networks potential (targeted) advertisers," among other features.

    "As a geek, this is great stuff," he writes. "As an ordinary person concerned about privacy issues, however, "I am starting to become very concerned....At what point to we implicitly trust our data with such mega corporations?"Read the whole story...

  • How SEO Improves Your Online Dating SEOmozBlog

    Tom Critchlow tells us five ways being a search engine optimizer can make you better at online dating. Among the lessons applicable to both search and romance: "add trust," do research, and "test, test, test."

    For example, "test which profile picture will get you most dates by using the My Best Face feature" on dating site OKCupid, which "lets you see which profile image works better for you and gives you lovely graphical breakdowns of the data to show you which demographic your image works best for."

    On the SEO side of testing, he suggests: "Try segmenting your website ...Read the whole story...