Wednesday, May 26, 2010
  • Laurie Sullivan, May 26, 2010, 12:09 PM
  • Trending Data Identifies PPC Gems PPC Hero

    Erin tells us how to use data trends to identify PPC opportunities by comparing performance history at the keyword level, predicting and planning, and breaking down the data into plain English.

    She explains how linking your PPC account with Google Analytics or other data program can help you understand your site's visitors and identify opportunities to expand.Read the whole story...

  • How To Effectively Move AdWords Campaigns Search Engine Watch

    Joseph Kerschbaum provides some tips for those thinking about consolidating AdWords campaigns. After doing it for a client, he shares his experience and runs through the process, from reviewing the stats to coming up with a plan of action to long-term implications.

    Sure the process can be effective, he writes, but it's important to consider what it means in terms of managing the PPC account in the long term. For those who take the plunge, he adds a few additional notes to make moving campaigns or ad groups easier.Read the whole story...

  • How To Optimize Video The Fire Horse Trail

    How can you get your video to rank high on Google and YouTube channels? Terry Van Horne describes several ways to optimize video during video planning, production, and more. The long post details tips on video ranking factors and signals, optimizing the transcript, sitemaps and promoting viral content, video production techniques, and other topic related to video SEO.Read the whole story...