Chris Rock Song Has 750,000 Views On YouTube, But No Pay

Examiner, Friday, June 8, 2012 9:59 AM
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Comedian Chris Rock wrote a song for the animated movie "Madagascar 3: Escape to Europe" that has been seen on YouTube more than 750,000 times, yet he hasn’t gotten a dime for all those video views.

Rock, who appeared on the Today show earlier this week, told host Ann Curry: “Isn’t it a shame YouTube pays nothing? Not a dime, Ann Curry. Nothing. I should get something…YouTube pays you nothing. No royalties. No residuals.”

As Jodi Jill of "The Examiner" points out, getting residual income from videos on YouTube is becoming harder and harder because fans don’t pay to see the video streams and the only revenue comes from pre-roll ads, many of which can now be skipped.

That said, she points out that Chris Rock was probably handsomely paid for his time in the movie, which premieres today. 

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