A, Like, Really Good Anecdote About Recruiting Social Talent

by , Feb 12, 2013, 9:59 AM
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Speaking on the “staffing up” panel at the Social Media Insider Summit this morning, Geoff Shenk, Chief Revenue Officer of Ampush, recalled a couple of staff recruiting horror stories, including one in which a candidate confessed that her husband had threatened to killer her and anyone who speaks to her. “Interview over,” Shenk told her, advising her to call the police, and telling her he would as well.

His second recruiting anecdote wasn’t as horrifying, but it was pretty horrible. It was while he was an executive at Kenshoo, and one prospect came in for an interview, but “used the word like so much that we didn’t know what they were referring to. They didn’t get the job.” Just goes to prove how phantom a metric “likes” can be.

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