NEW! Father And Son Bond Over Their Love Of JELL-O Pudding

jelloA father and son bond over their love of JELL-O chocolate pudding in “Comb-Over,” a 30-second spot that launches yesterday. The son opens Pandora’s box when he asks his father why he loves JELL-O pudding. Dad regales his boy with a typical day, from waking up with less hair, driving in traffic and having an important project at work canceled unexpectedly. The boy himself pictures himself with a massive comb-over, driving a car while barely being able to see through the windshield, and coloring a great fight scene only to have his boss rip it to shreds. And it’s at this very moment when the son gives his chocolate pudding to his father, saying, “Here. You need this more than me.” Watch it here, created by CP+B.
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