Truth in Hip-Hop: Agency Urges Artists To Be More Balanced and Honest

One agency isn't happy with the current state of hip-hop. And who would be? Basically, it's a bunch of asshats grabbing their crotches while they rap about their sexual conquests and objectify women's asses. So the agency, LA-based Amusement Park Entertainment, made a video in which children recite rap songs which include explicit lyrics. You can watch the NSFW video here. Oddly, the agency isn't looking for all these rappers to pack it in. No. The agency actually likes hip-hop artists but they are advocating for more balanced and honest lyrics. In a statement, the agency has defined balance and honesty by suggesting that artists continue to rap about hoes but acknowledge objectification, rap about money but acknowledge money does not cure all ills and rap about violence but understand how it affects family and friends.

At the same time interactive agency 8K decided to allow clients to propose what they will pay for projects, San Francisco and New York shop Manifold has decided to launch Free Idea Fridays. Each Friday from now through the end of December, clients and prospects can sign up to receive a free 30-minute brainstorming session with the agency. There are three slots available each Friday. We like that the agency is being very honest about what it can do in 30 minutes time. The offer is promoted with a disclaimer which reads, "We can’t promise that the ideas will be awesome, but hey … they’re FREE!"

Well this is a nice one for the holiday season. Baltimore-based agency idfive has launched a campaign that will leave their clients’ stockings empty. Instead of a traditional holiday gift, the agency’s clients received cards informing them that idfive had given their gifts to someone else in need. To support the campaign, idfive launched #BlingWithRing, a holiday website which aims to raise awareness and money for the Maryland Food Bank. Each day, visitors can hang bells on unfortunate idfive staff members on behalf of their favorite organization. Each staffer will then have to wear their bells during the annual Jingle Bell 5K Run in Baltimore on December 14th. We like.

Yesterday was not good news for Unilever agencies. At the brand's investment seminar in London, the company said it plans to cut headcount by 12% or 800 people. It's also reducing the number of products it sells by 30% by the end of 2014 and hopes to cut marketing costs by $470 million this coming year. Most of those cuts will come from non-working media such as agency fees and production. Our condolences.

Draftfcb Worldwide CEO Carter Murray is at it again. What a busy boy he's been these last few months shaking things up at the agency. Today he announced that Sebastien Desclée, formerly CEO Duval Guillaume Modem and Publicis Belgium, has joined the company as President of Draftfcb International. In a move that will eliminate a more traditional regional structure, Draftfcb's eleven largest operations will report directly to Murray and Desclée will work with the remaining high potential international offices around the world. Reporting directly to Murray, Desclée will spearhead efforts to further boost creative and new business excellence.