Telling A "Glasshole" From A "Glasswipe"

by , Dec 11, 2013, 1:01 PM
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Are you a “Glasshole” or a “Glasswipe?” Respectively, that’s what people are now calling the first Google Glass users and Google Glass haters. Per this charming new parlance, Rob Garner, Chief Strategy Officer at Advice Interactive Group, is a huge Glasshole. Sure to change search in the most fundamental ways, Glass “is the most functional piece of headgear ever created,” Garner stressed, while showing off the new technology on a panel at OMMA’s Search Insider Summit on Wednesday. Addressing the more vocal Glasswipes in attendance, Garner said: “There are a lot of misconceptions about Glass.” In fact, “People think it reads their brainwaves,” he mused. “I’ve had people dive under tables!” Yet to try Google Glass for himself, James Green, CEO of Magnetic, admitted on Wednesday to being a massive Glasswipe. “Glass will be like the Segway,” he predicted, referring to the hugely hyped but hardly mainstream vehicle. That, however, doesn’t mean that the business of search isn’t becoming deeply fragmented, Green added, noting that more than 50% of all searches now take place beyond Google and Bing search bars. No doubt, there is “increasing fragmentation,” he said, while insisting that Google Glass will only be responsible a small share of it.

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