Coull Converting Display Ads To In-Video Overlays, Rolls Out Tech On Mobile Exchange

Video ad network Coull has introduced a new ad technology, dubbed the VAST-O-Matic, which it says converts traditional display ads to IAB-compliant in-video overlays.

VAST stands for Video Ad Serving Template. It is a standard issued by the IAB to help ad servers and video players work together.

Coull’s CEO Irfon Watkins claimed in a statement that this is the first tool which can automatically convert display ads to in-video overlays. One perk of the technology, he contends, is that it will allow advertisers to use their existing display creative in a video environment. Watkins also hopes it will draw more attention to a publisher’s video inventory, though video is considered a hot commodity as is.

Advertisers looking to use Coull’s new technology must do so through Coull’s “Vidlink” ad unit, which adds a clickable button to a video and links to a product page. Per the release, the tech can convert display ads from XML, XTML and MRAID formats.

The company says it’s rolling out the VAST-O-Matic on Smaato’s mobile ad exchange. Coull is placing video inventory from its own network onto the Smaato exchange to support the use of the new technology.

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2 comments about "Coull Converting Display Ads To In-Video Overlays, Rolls Out Tech On Mobile Exchange".
  1. Adam Tuttle from Addroid , April 9, 2014 at 12:40 p.m.
    We were doing this at Panache in 2007/08... Back before VAST and when getting ads into the video was really, really hard... In this business what is old is always new again...
  2. Kristen Cosentino from Festpop , April 9, 2014 at 8:05 p.m.
    Vibrant Media's Lightbox video solution is a much nicer aesthetic.