• Programmatic TV: Growth Drivers And Potential Threats
    Consultant Frank Foster, offers some thoughts on the key factors driving the speed and extent of adoption of programmatic television, as well as what could impede adoption.
  • New Insights On TV Everywhere, Millennials' OTT Habits
    Revealing insights about the evolving television and video ecosystem emerged from research released this week. For one: while TV Everywhere (TVE) continues to grow at remarkably rapid rates, 71% of TVE viewers in March watched from a single location.
  • Juggling Moving Targets
    The quest for solutions that integrate and optimize the unsurpassed reach of linear TV and the growing but fragmented digital, video and OTT platforms requires tracking continually moving audience targets, as well as continually evolving audience data and metrics options. And it's only going to get more complex.
  • Who's On First? More Perspectives On PTV's Evolving Dynamics
    Sometimes it seems that if there's one thing that everyone involved in programmatic television can agree on, it's a lack of consensus.
  • TV Audience Fragmentation And Metrics Issues: One Step Forward...
    The past week saw two developments that, while not directly connected, speak to two critical audience-buying issues that are decidedly intertwined: audience fragmentation, and measurement capabilities.
  • Will Programmatic Video And PTV Converge Or Diverge?
    The general assumption that most television inventory will eventually be bought through programmatic systems is still quite theoretical, an expert panel at MediaPost's OMMA Programmatic indicated.
  • Will Less Network Ad Clutter Translate To Better Value For Advertisers?
    Less ad clutter equals a better experience for viewers and higher demand (and prices) for the remaining ad units, at least in theory. Buyers weighed in at MediaPost's 2016 Outfront Forum.
  • Is There A Future For The Upfront?
    Going into this year's upfront frenzy, several agency executives took time to discuss what the television buying scenario may look like five years from now, in a panel during MediaPost's Outfront Forum in New York.
  • Media Researchers' Takes On VAB's Cross-Media Metric Proposal
    ABI asked three respected media research analysts for their takes on the Video Advertising Bureau's proposal to adopt average audience per minute as a "common currency" for evaluating audience claims across television and digital media.
  • 'Equitable Optimization' In Broadcast Via Enhanced Data: A Test In Progress
    U.S. International Media (USIM) is spearheading a test for a retail client using data beyond age and gender to target audiences in the broadcast television environment.
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