• AMC's Move To Programmatic Shows Evolution Of This Market
    In a sign of how rapidly the so-called "programmatic TV" marketplace is evolving, one of the medium's most premium suppliers -- AMC Networks -- will begin selling some of its television commercial time programmatically.
  • TubeMogul Invests In Programmatic TV
    Programmatic video ad platform Tube Mogul has been investing "significant time and resources" to grow its programmatic TV offering, as company CMO Keith Eadie noted.
  • Programmatic TV: Lines Of Demarcation
    Spain. July 2, 1494. A stone-cold morning. Spanish King Ferdinand II complains to his queen, Isabella: "The Portuguese. Always the Portuguese." Isabella munches on a quail egg and light toast. "Boundaries," he murmurs.
  • Programmatic TV To Reach $17.3B Worldwide By 2019, Says IDC Report
    Earlier this year, projections from IPG Mediabrands' Magna Global noted that "programmatic TV" spend would top $10 billion in the U.S. by 2019. Now new estimates give us a look at what the worldwide programmatic TV market could look like before the decade closes.
  • Programmatic TV: What's Gross Got To Do With It?
    On the phone the other day trying to advance a local programmatic TV negotiation, I queried the vendor on whether there was a transactional fee for its service. Some platforms, like Videa, pass the fee onto the TV station or publisher; others, like Comcast's Audience Plus, offer all-inclusive gross packages, e.g., inventory, transactional costs and posting. Understanding and accepting that we were engaging in digital modeling, of course there would be an ad-serving fee. No problem. Gross or net? Silence.
  • Programmatic Video Goes Cross-Screen As Marketers Make More Use Of TV Data Segments
    The audiences watching TV and digital video are (mostly) the same, so why not use the same data to reach them in both places? That's exactly what more and more marketers are doing.
  • For Programmatic TV Buying, Small Can Be An Advantage
    For a small agency working with a small budget, programmatic TV placements let the client fight above its weight in prime-time arenas it never could afford before.
  • Programmatic's $10 Billion Milestone: Display First, TV Next
    Here's a projection to put things into perspective: IPG Mediabrands' Magna Global recently predicted that U.S. marketers will spend $10 billion of their TV ad budgets through programmatic channels by 2019 -- including both audience-buying and household addressable.
  • Programmatic TV: More 'In Their Own Words'
    Last week investigative journalist Charlene Weisler and I allowed some of the prominent programmatic TV players to speak for themselves rather than through our vivisection of their value proposition. We started with data-ists Rentrak and Oracle Data Management Platform. This week we'll continue with platforms TubeMogul and Videa.
  • Programmatic TV: In Their Own Words
    Charlene Weisler and I thought it would be an interesting proposition for this week's Audience Buying Insider to allow some of the prominent programmatic TV players to speak for themselves rather than through our vivisection of their value propositions.
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