• TV Programmatic & The Snow Cone
    A New Yorker cartoon: A man and his young son walk up to an ice cream truck on the street corner. The vendor is an Eskimo. The man and his son request a snow cone. The vendor responds, "You have to be more specific - my people have more than four hundred different words for snow cone."
  • Viamedia, Rentrak Team For New Political Ad-Planning Tool
    Helping to navigate the expected wild swings in local TV advertising inventory for the political season, pay TV provider advertising sales company Viamedia and media measurement company Rentrak recently announced a political advertising planning tool. Using Rentrak's Advanced Demographics, the tool was developed to plan, purchase and manage TV inventory for the 2016 political season. It can show where ad inventory will be in highest demand, allowing political and other marketers to shift media dollars to other areas.
  • The DMA To DMZ: An Impression
    If memory serves me well, back in the mid-1950s two opposing media research forces were vying for hegemony over the naming and defining rights for a "media market," a static, physical piece of property that was defined by many characteristics, such as number of people, homes, education, families, dwelling, income, boundaries, occupation, that would stretch continuously in many shapes and sizes across the United States. The two top contenders were ADI (area of dominant influence) and DMA (designated marketing area). My understanding is that somehow Nielsen Media Research won the coin toss, and DMA it has been ever since.
  • Programmatic TV: More 'In Their Own Words'
    Recently, Charlene Weisler and I allowed some of the prominent programmatic TV players to speak for themselves rather than through our vivisection of their value proposition. We started with data-ists Rentrak and Oracle Data Management Platform. This week we'll continue with platforms TubeMogul and Videa.
  • Programmatic TV: Breach & 'Feequency' Ruminations
    Given the supply-side platform prime directive to avoid sales channel conflict at all costs -- and who could blame them -- we need to breach this reach conundrum with the introduction of a tool that would enable a programmatic platform to build a schedule of targeted reach indexes across a multiplicity of specific programs, telecast across a variety of TV networks.
  • Programmatic TV: In Their Own Words
    Investigative journalist Charlene Weisler and I thought it would be interesting to allow some of the prominent programmatic TV players to speak for themselves rather than through our vivisection of their value propositions. To accomplish this feat, we invited four companies to participate: data-ists Rentrak and Oracle Data Management Platform, and platforms TubeMogul and Videa.
  • Shhh - Mitch Oscar Has A Secret: This Time It's Programmatic
    Madison Avenue "televisionary" Mitch Oscar has quietly begun organizing a cross-section of industry players around another area that's vital to the future of television: programmatic. The initiative, which until this blog post has been operating in stealth, is focused on two disparate approaches to improving TV targeting and efficiency: programmatic and so-called "addressable" TV advertising. While the lines of distinction may seem semantic to some, one of the key objectives of the group being organized by Oscar is to help define the parameters, distinctions and perhaps most importantly, the practical application of the two approaches to improving TV's audience targeting ...
  • TV Political Ads: Spray And Pray Vs. Targeted
    With political programmatic advertising on the rise, it's natural to wonder: "How much of a difference does proper targeting actually make?" You'd need quite the attribution platform to figure out just how much of an impact specific advertising has on the actual political races. But something far simpler than cross-channel attribution -- the most tried and true method of figuring out voter sentiment: polling -- might give us an idea.
  • AMC's Move To Programmatic Shows Evolution Of This Market
    In a sign of how rapidly the so-called "programmatic TV" marketplace is evolving, one of the medium's most premium suppliers -- AMC Networks -- will begin selling some of its television commercial time programmatically.
  • TubeMogul Invests In Programmatic TV
    Programmatic video ad platform Tube Mogul has been investing "significant time and resources" to grow its programmatic TV offering, as company CMO Keith Eadie noted.
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