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  • Digital Engagement Index in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 02/12/2016

    T-Mobile earned the No. 2 spot on the leaderboard recording over 3.5 million YouTube views. T-Mobile's "Drop The Balls" and "Restricted Bling" ads supported a 144% increase in engagement for the brand.

  • Twitter Bets Big On Periscope in The Social Graf on 02/12/2016

    Faced with dramatically slowing growth rates, Twitter is pouring resources into video-streaming service Periscope, according to co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey.

  • UK's 'Independent' Closes Print Edition in The Daily Blog on 02/12/2016

    The Independent will cease publishing its print edition in March, but will continue publishing on its Web site and a new app, according to publisher ESI Media. The move to digital-only publishing will entail an unspecified number of layoffs.

  • 'WaPo' Launches Re-Engage To Keep Mobile Readers Tapping in Publishers Daily on 02/12/2016

    The Washington Post is introducing a new way to raise engagement by readers who have its mobile Web site open but aren't currently active. It delivers customized suggestions for other content that may be of interest to the reader.

  • Trump Lashes Out At 'NYDN' In Usual Fashion in The Daily Blog on 02/11/2016

    Every time a newspaper or magazine criticizes the irrepressible real estate mogul, rather than the trying to refute its arguments, he responds with ad hominem attacks on the publication itself.

  • Facebook Investor Steps In It, Enrages Subcontinent in The Social Graf on 02/11/2016

    Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, a member of the Facebook board of directors, sparked outrage with a tweet Wednesday following the Indian telecom regulator's decision to block Facebook's "Free Basics" initiative to bring free, limited Internet access to underserved parts of the country.

  • Operative Taps Moat For Viewability in Publishers Daily on 02/10/2016

    Operative Media, a company which operates an advertising management platform for online publishers, has formed a partnership with analytics outfit Moat. It gives Operative clients access to Moat's services for verifying viewability, as well as fraud detection measures and data on ad-blocking.

  • Lawmakers Urge Social Media Counter-Terror Strategy in The Social Graf on 02/10/2016

    Congress is urging the White House to create a comprehensive strategy to combat terrorism on social media, and lawmakers are now preparing to pass a law requiring the administration to do so.

  • Newspapers Trail As Political News Sources in The Daily Blog on 02/10/2016

    Newspapers are lagging far behind other providers as a source of political news. 24% of respondents said they considered cable TV news the "most helpful" source of information, followed by social media at 14%, local TV also at 14%, Web sites or apps, at 13%, and radio at 11%.

  • Digital Engagement Index in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 02/10/2016

    KFC earned a place on the leaderboard thanks to the brand's 'Dream' ad promoting Nashville Hot Chicken. KFC recorded a 229% increase in digital engagement.

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