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  • UK Newspapers Backed Brexit By Huge Margin in The Daily Blog on 06/24/2016

    British newspapers also played a significant role in forecasting - and, perhaps, producing - the "Leave" vote in the first place. In an odd situation reflecting the unusual distinction between British weekend and weekday editions, the weekday 'Times' backed remain, while its weekend edition, The 'Times On Sunday,' backed leave

  • Digital Engagement Index in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 06/24/2016

    Wal-Mart continues to sit on top as news swirls around the brand, most recently about a push for the retailer to drop their participation in the Republican National Convention. Nintendo, Mazda and Pampers all snuck into the top 10 yesterday as well, beating out other more established brands.

  • Social Media Failed To Predict #Brexit in The Social Graf on 06/24/2016

    In the case of #Brexit, Britain's stunning vote to leave the European Union on Thursday, the overall trend on social media seemed to favor "Remain."

  • Hearst Tells Advertisers What's Buzzing in Publishers Daily on 06/23/2016

    Hearst is helping advertisers align themselves with the most popular content trending across its properties through a new service, Buzzing@Hearst, offering marketers real-time insights into what people are reading, watching and sharing on social media.

  • German Tabloid Woos Brits With Promise To Drink Tea, Supply Bond Villains in The Daily Blog on 06/23/2016

    With the vote over Britain's membership in the EU finally under way, Germany's biggest tabloid, Bild, is trying to lighten the mood a little bit with a cover story offering a number of tongue-in-cheek incentives to the British people to vote "Remain," supposedly offered by their German friends in a spirit of camaraderie, tweaking British and German foibles along the way.

  • Digital Engagement Index in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 06/23/2016

    A flurry of Wal-Mart coverage keeps the brand in first place for the second day in a row, while Mazda jumps high in the rankings thanks to a release of a new, summer-ready Miata model. Bounty Paper Towels snuck into the ratings with the help of Olympic athlete Allyson Felix - this isn't the first time a brand has broken the top 10 with the help of an Olympian, and it likely won't be the last.

  • Social Media At Work Still For Goofing Off in The Social Graf on 06/23/2016

    Social media in the workplace is still basically a way to goof off. That's according to a new survey by Pew Research Center.

  • Vice Bows International Content Deals in The Daily Blog on 06/22/2016

    Hipster news juggernaut Vice Media is about to gain access to vast new audiences through new content production and distribution partnerships spanning Asia, Africa, the Americas, Australasia and the Middle East. The deals cover mobile, online, and broadcast distribution.

  • Digital Engagement Index in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 06/22/2016

    Wal-Mart takes the top spot today as a flurry of news, from drama in Chinese markets to robotic cart butlers, spreads across the web. Nike takes a respectable spot in the rankings as NBA speculation and stock prices draw attention to the brand. These examples show that any type of news, good or bad, can carry a brand into the DEI Top 10.

  • Facebook Pays Media Companies For Live Video in The Social Graf on 06/22/2016

    Facebook is determined to secure its lead in online video by expanding its offerings to include live streaming content from established media companies.

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