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George Simpson

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Call it exactly as you see it. If history proves you are wrong, then tough luck on you - (John Simon, 1976)

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  • Questions I Am Saving For Alexa in MediaDailyNews on 01/19/2017

    For Christmas, my sister and brother in-law gave us an Amazon Echo. Over the years I have relied on Google searches conducted at my desktop -- or increasingly, on my phone -- to provide answers to burning questions like "What time will the NFL playoffs be televised today?" So, in the few weeks she has been in our kitchen, I have found little to no reason to interact with Alexa. That has bothered me greatly, so I have been trying to think of the MOST important questions to ask, perhaps all in one cosmic seating.

  • Arms Race To Annoy Prospects?  in MediaDailyNews on 01/12/2017

    According to Millward Brown, Generation Z, ages 16-19 -- who are just on the cusp of being most marketers' key target audience -- apparently hate digital ads even more than those who came before them. So it will be interesting how they react to the news that Facebook will soon launch mid-roll ads that will interrupt videos after about 20 seconds of viewing.

  • Fearless Forecasts For The Ad Biz, V2017 in MediaDailyNews on 01/05/2017

    The great thing about forecasting the future in this space: Nobody ever remembers if you were right or wrong. So in that spirit, here are Over The Line's Fearless Forecasts for the Ad Biz v2017.

  • But Can You Make Money Off 'Trust'? in MediaDailyNews on 12/15/2016

    In a recent survey of more than 2,000 consumers, MarketingCharts found that print ads (82%), followed very closely by TV ads (80%), had influenced a purchase for more respondents than any other paid medium. Direct mail (76%), radio ads (71%) and out-of-home ads (69%) rounded out the top five for trustworthiness. Interestingly, the bottom eight were all variations of digital ads.

  • Is Programmatic A Recipe For Fraud? in MediaDailyNews on 12/08/2016

    A White Ops Inc./ANA study showed that display and video ads bought using automated systems had a significantly higher level of fraud compared to ads that were purchased via human sales forces.

  • Fake News: Shut Up And Listen in MediaDailyNews on 12/01/2016

    You probably looked at the headline on this column and said to yourself, "Oh Christ, not another story on fake news?!?!"

  • Hillary Undone By Twitter? I Doubt It in MediaDailyNews on 11/17/2016

    While I am trying to be an adult about this and stop whining about The Donald as our next president, the New York Times this week decided to exalt social media and how it helped that moron win the election.

  • It's Mourning Again In America in MediaDailyNews on 11/09/2016

    While the mainstream media gives itself a good thrashing for underestimating the "white male without a college education" voter and pollsters try to defend their invoices, it is frightening to me that nearly 60 million Americans would buy what Trump was selling.

  • Kiss The Truth Goodbye in MediaDailyNews on 11/03/2016

    This week, 'The New York Times' rehashed the notion that there's a lot of crap on the Internet that is false, but that as long as it reinforces your POV, you tend not to care that it is bullshit.

  • Do Not Read This Column Without A Credit Card In Your Hand in MediaDailyNews on 10/27/2016

    How do you say to a child, "Your physical body will only get worse for the rest of your life. Today is your peak, and it only goes downhill from here"? And she is only eight or nine years old?

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