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George Simpson

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Call it exactly as you see it. If history proves you are wrong, then tough luck on you - (John Simon, 1976)

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  • Unsolicited Advice To The Graduate in Online Media Daily on 05/21/2015

    I am scheduled to be the "parent speaker" at a dinner for the seniors graduating from my son's high school. This is like getting the "$10 for second place in the beauty contest" card in Monopoly -- but since it is not the commencement address, it means I don't have to provide any practical advice about life after high school. Which is too bad, because I do have some tips.

  • AOL: A Legacy Of Most-Hated in Online Media Daily on 05/14/2015

    By now, as I have, you've read tens of thousands of words about the Verizon acquisition of AOL. Personally, I couldn't care less if it paves the way for Verizon to serve video content and ads better, or results in the sale of HuffPo and TechCrunch to the Germans.

  • The Native Son Rises in Online Media Daily on 05/07/2015

    I read a byliner that said that the future of online advertising is not display, but native content distributed by automated feeds at scale. It referenced a few companies that are already creating content and automating its distribution. So I looked up one of the companies, which said its "freelance network covers over 60 countries and includes over 45,000 award-winning journalists."

  • I'll Tell You What This Is About - Just As Soon As I Look It Up in Online Media Daily on 04/29/2015

    In 2013, American Airlines handed out more than 8,000 iPads to pilots to replace some 35 pounds of paper manuals required in cockpits. Said AA proudly, "Altogether, 24 million pages of paper documents have been eliminated." But on Tuesday, the app crashed.

  • Piling On The Hate: Stop Fighting Unbundling in Online Media Daily on 04/24/2015

    Perhaps the most concerning quote in all the copy devoted to cable channels dumping on Verizon for trying to do something everyone in the country wants was this one from a 65-year-old retired electronics salesman, who told the "WSJ:" "I've been paying for ESPN for 30 years and never watch it." Really? My head would not have snapped back if he had said Nickelodeon or Home Shopping Network or even Food Network, but ESPN? As in no college football? No "Monday Night Football?" No Little League baseball playoffs? No "Around the Horn!!" I think that is grounds for excommunication from the "Mystic Knights of The Male Persuasion." Leave it to the "Journal" to track down the singular exception to the rule.

  • The Next Ad Blocker: Social Media in Online Media Daily on 04/16/2015

    A new global survey from Nielsen reveals that 33% of American TV viewers said they engage with social media while watching, and 62% of North Americans browse the Internet while watching video programming. None of this comes as a big surprise.

  • Unfriend Anyone Who Sends You Baseball Footage in Online Media Daily on 04/09/2015

    In a story you probably missed this week, Major League Baseball announced it will monitor the way fans at games use new live-streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope, since play is licensed content and MLB policy prohibits fans from taking live video.

  • How Paywalls Prevent News Scoops in Online Media Daily on 04/02/2015

    There are a couple of points to be made about the metered pay model that I have yet to see addressed by newspaper execs, all of whom seem to put very brave faces on their digital futures. But there is no mistaking the abject fear in their voices for sincerity.

  • Who Is To Blame When Your Dumb-Assed Idea Bombs? in Online Media Daily on 03/26/2015

    In a transparently desperate attempt to pander to social media's clickbait mentality, McDonald's in Europe is offering a range of clothing and home decor items such as wallpaper and bedsheets imprinted with Big Macs.

  • This Bud's For Me? Really!?! Just Me?  in Online Media Daily on 03/19/2015

    If I read one more story where someone claims that today's consumer wants everything customized, personalized or "the way THEY want it," I think I am going to send some highly personalized bile onto my totally un-customized shirt.

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