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Gordon Hotchkiss

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  • To Get The Hip Is To Get What It Means To Be Canadian in Online Spin on 08/23/2016

    Something strange happened last Saturday night. An entire nation stopped to watch a rock concert. And I mean the entire nation. As far as Canada was concerned, even the Olympics were put on hold when the Tragically Hip took the stage in Kingston.

  • NBC's Grip On Olympic Gold Slipping in Online Spin on 08/16/2016

    The Olympics is probably the biggest show on earth. With the possible exception of the World Cup, it's the time when the highest number of people on the planet are all watching the same thing at the same time. This makes it advertising nirvana. Or it should.

  • Media Buying Just Tip Of Advertising's Disruptive Iceberg in Online Spin on 08/09/2016

    Two weeks ago, Gary Milner wrote a lucid prediction of what advertising might become. He rightly stated that advertising has been in a 40-year period of disruption. Bingo. He went on to say that he sees a consolidation of media buying into a centralized hub. Again, I don't question the clarity of Milner's crystal ball. It makes sense to me. What is missing from Milner's column, however, is the truly disruptive iceberg that is threatening to founder advertising as we know it: the total disruption of the relationship between the advertiser and the marketplace.

  • Where Context Comes From in Online Spin on 08/02/2016

    Fellow Spinner Cory Treffiletti told you last week that data without context is noise. Absolutely right. I want to continue that conversation, because it's an important one. It's all about context. So let's talk a little more about context -- specifically, how we decide what makes up that context.

  • When Evolution (And Democracy) Get It Wrong in Online Spin on 07/26/2016

    The world is eliminating friction. Generally, that's a good thing. But there may be unintended consequences. Let's take evolution, for instance.

  • Happiness As A Corporate Goal in Online Spin on 07/19/2016

    Costa Rica is the happiest place on earth. The least-happy place on earth? That would be Botswana. At least, those are the results according to the criteria measured by the Happy Planet Index.

  • Chatting Up A Storm in Online Spin on 07/12/2016

    I've been talking about a "meta-app" for ages. It looks like China may have found it in WeChat. We in the Western world have been monitoring the success of TenCent's WeChat with growing interest. Who would have thought that a simple chat interface could be the killer app of the future?

  • A Possibly Premature Post-Mortem Of Yahoo in Online Spin on 07/05/2016

    Last Thursday, Yahoo held its annual shareholder meeting, during which CEO Marissa Mayer dealt the company a doubled-down kiss of death. She said that the goals of the board were fully aligned with one clear priority: "delivering shareholder value to all of you." She further noted that, when dealing with the divesture of all that once was Yahoo, she's "been very heartened by the level of interest in Yahoo. It validates our business processes as well as our achievements to date." It's basically the same as the butcher saying, "This cow is no longer viable as a cow, so I'm looking at it as a collection of rump roasts, T-Bones and hamburger. I'm hoping we have more of the former and less of the later."

  • What Would A 'Time-Well-Spent' World Look Like? in Online Spin on 06/28/2016

    Technology is our new drug of choice, and we're hooked. We're fascinated by the trivial. We're dumping huge gobs of time down the drain playing virtual games, updating social statuses, clicking on clickbait and watching videos of epic wardrobe malfunctions. Humans should be better than this.

  • Dad: Unplugged in Online Spin on 06/21/2016

    I went off the grid last week. It wasn't intentional. Given that I felt like my right arm was lopped off, you would think this might impact the quality of my Father's Day. And it did - but all for the better.

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  • Media Buying Just Tip Of Advertising's Disruptive Iceberg by Gord Hotchkiss (Online Spin on 08/09/2016)

    Thanks Ed and Maarten...great points. Regarding the "Hub" concept, I probably didn't add enough of my own thoughts on this topic, as it wasn't the main point of my column. Rather than a hub, I would place my bets on an aggregated media marketplace that is more democratized than our current models. I think audience identification and customization based on multiple (and smarter) segmentation criteria will move media buying to "audience" acquisition. These thoughts are admittedly off the top of my head. Perhaps I'll fully bake them in a future column. Regarding Maarten's comments on filtering - we essentially agree. I meant "objectivity" and "reliability" in terms of what the consumer perceives those things to be. There are all kinds of biases and personal preferences still in place, but I do contend that we are looking for information sources that we perceive as objective and reliable.

  • Trump's Bump: The Scary Appeal Of The Authoritarian Father by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog on 07/28/2016) reading this, I was reminded of something I had read in the past. It took me a bit to dig it up..but found it: "From the standpoint of social development, the family cannot be considered the basis of the authoritarian state, only as one of the most important institutions which support it." Another quote, "(the goal is) producing an individual who is adjusted to the authoritarian order and who will submit to it in spite of all misery and degradation. At first the child has to submit to the structure of the authoritarian miniature state, the family; this makes it capable of later subordination to the general authoritarian system." It was from Wilhelm Reich. The work was the Mass Pscyhology of Fascism. It was written in 1933.

  • Why Marketers Love Malcolm Gladwell -- & Why They Shouldn't by Gord Hotchkiss (Online Spin on 05/24/2016)

    A few additional comments..First..Kenneth - you're absolutely right. Mea culpa. Ted. Absolutely word of mouth and influencers is a huge factor  - my point - and Duncan Watt's point - is it's not nearly as simply or predictable as Gladwell makes it out to be. Anyone could be an influencer, given the right context. You cite a Fast Company article defending influencer marketing - here's one on the opposite side worth a read: Watts discredited? Not really by any credible academic source - just a lot of marketers pissed off because he's poking holes in their business model. And he's certainly got a lot more empirical evidence behind him than Mr. Gladwell.

  • Why Marketers Love Malcolm Gladwell -- & Why They Shouldn't by Gord Hotchkiss (Online Spin on 05/24/2016)

    Jeanne - Watts is a very able writer. His prose is accessible - but he is an academic at heart and so doesn't have a habit of jumping to satisfying conclusions, unlike Gladwell. Watts tells things as they appear to be, backed up with empirical evidence, rather than as we wish them to be.

  • The Collateral Damage Of Disruption by Gord Hotchkiss (Online Spin on 03/01/2016)

    Thanks Kenneth. I'm amazed at how some will find one semantic bone to pick, while skipping over the much more important larger consequences (intended or not). What is important here, as you point out, is the idea of disruption as driven by a technological catalyst and the resulting impact on entire industries. And another important distinction. Hayek and Schumpeter both saw entrepreneurialism as the force that drove creative destruction. But what is interesting about what we're seeing is the role of the user in this, empowered by new technological capabilities and challenging an existing supply chain. There is a networked, distributed dynamism at work here that may be a brand new flavor of disruption.

  • The Face Of Disruption by Gord Hotchkiss (Online Spin on 02/23/2016)

    Thanks Paula..I assume you mean for President. I would say I don't qualify, but seeing as both Ted Cruz and I were born in Calgary, who knows?

  • A New Way to Determine Corporate Value by Gord Hotchkiss (Online Spin on 02/09/2016)

    Rick - thanks for your thoughtful comments. You should have access to the paper. It's a free download.

  • Why I'm (Cautiously) Optimistic About 2016 by Gord Hotchkiss (Online Spin on 12/22/2015)

    Coincidentally, just found this amazing data visualization that's on the same theme:

  • In Honor Of My Dad by Maarten Albarda (Online Spin on 12/21/2015)

    MaartenCondolences to your family and yourself. I also lost my Mom earlier this year. And, like you, I had some bitterly beautiful moments near the end of the journey. We have to listen hard to the wisdom shared with us by those that have walked a difficult path.Gord

  • This Message Brought to You by... Nobody by Gord Hotchkiss (Online Spin on 12/01/2015)

    Not sure we're thinking broadly enough here. Ed, yes, many content producers rely on advertising. I'm not denying that. But my point is, the economics may work without advertising. We just have to wrap our mind around it. Another potential benefit is that it would democratize content production even more than it is now. You may have a net gain - and more independents could participate. I, like you, have a certain amount of skepticism about how this would play out, but we have to contemplate the possibility. I think technology is taking us down this path and we can chose to deny until it's too late to react or actually be open minded enough to think about how a new paradigm could emerge. And Tom, you're absolutely right - "People have complained about advertising since advertising became a thing." The difference is, people can now do something about it. And yes, quality matters. But in all the advertising I'm exposed to in a day - a week - a year - I can probably count the truly good ads on one hand.

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