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Gordon Hotchkiss

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  • Giving Thanks For The Law Of Accelerating Returns in Online Spin on 11/24/2015

    For the past few months, I've been diving into the world of show programming again, helping MediaPost put together the upcoming Email Insider Summit up in Park City, Utah. One of the keynotes for the Summit, to be delivered by Charles W. Swift, vice president of strategy and marketing operations for Hearst Magazines, is going to tackle a big question:"How do companies keep up with the ever-accelerating rate of change of our culture?" After an initial call with Swift, I did some homework and reacquainted myself with Ray Kurzweil's Law of Accelerating Returns. Shortly after, I had to stop because my brain hurt. Now, I would like to pass that unique experience along to you.

  • Step One: React in Online Spin on 11/17/2015

    We're learning what it means to be forced to be reactive. Sometimes, as on last Friday at 9:20 pm CET in Paris, France, we react with horror. But that's the new reality. Plan as we might, we can't predict everything. Sometimes we can't predict anything.

  • The Man Who Mistook His RV For A Hat in Online Spin on 11/10/2015

    I think I'm missing part of my brain. You know how I know this? Because I winterized my RV. Correction: I tried to winterize my RV. If not for the help of my friend Ted, I'm pretty sure said RV would have been a nonfunctioning hulk of fiberglass and metal come next spring. There would be fluids oozing from places not intended by the manufacturer.

  • Basic Instincts And Attention Economics  in Online Spin on 11/03/2015

    We've been here before. Something becomes valuable because it's scarce. The minute society agrees on the newly assigned value, wars begin because of it. Typically these things have been physical items, and the battle lines have been drawn geographically. But this time is different. This time, we're fighting over attention -- specifically, our attention -- and the battle is between individuals and corporations.

  • Conversations Overheard At The Family Y in Online Spin on 10/27/2015

    I learned a lesson this past week watching my stepdad talking to folks at the gym: We need chatting. We need to bump into people, face-to-face, and make the mutual agreement to free up a few minutes from our rigid agendas to take part in shooting the breeze.

  • What Conditions Are Required For Innovation? in Online Spin on 10/20/2015

    Statistically speaking, it appears that there's a correlation between atheism and innovation. But my point in last week's column was not to show that atheists are more innovative. My goal was to try to hypothesize what the underlying causation might be.

  • Are Atheists More Innovative? in Online Spin on 10/13/2015

    A few columns back, I talked about the most innovative countries in the world, accordingto INSEAD, Johnson School of Management and WIPO. Switzerland, of all places, topped the list. At the time, I mentioned diversity as possibly being one of the factors. But for some reason, I just couldn't let it lie there. Last Friday afternoon I dusted off my Stats 101 prowess and decided to look for correlations. The next thing I knew, three hours had passed and I was earlobe deep in data tables and spreadsheets.

  • Consumers In The Wild in Online Spin on 10/06/2015

    Your world is a much different place than the African savanna. But over 100,000 generations of evolution that started on those plains still dictate a remarkable degree of our modern behavior.

  • Do We Really Want Virtual Reality? in Online Spin on 09/29/2015

    Facebook bought Oculus. Its goal is to control the world you experience while wearing a pair of modified ski goggles. Mark Zuckerberg is stoked. Netflix is stoked. Marketers the world over are salivating. But how should you feel about this? Personally, I'm scared. I may even be terrified.

  • Innovating Along the Edges in Online Spin on 09/22/2015

    If you want innovation, go to Switzerland. According to the Global Innovation Index, the Swiss are the most innovative people on the planet. Next is the U.K., then Sweden. The Dutch are pretty damn innovative, too, coming in at number four. Then you have the good old USA rounding up the top 5. So what makes a country innovative? And by extension, what lessons can we learn about encouraging innovation generally?

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  • Conversations Overheard At The Family Y by Gord Hotchkiss (Online Spin on 10/27/2015)

    I'm glad one of the many lessons my Dad has taught me touched some of you too. He's a wise man of many words!

  • Do We Really Want Virtual Reality? by Gord Hotchkiss (Online Spin on 09/29/2015)

    That's me - breathless! Yes, David, humans do adapt, but there are societal ripple effects (unintended consequences) that can take a generation or two to emerge - as in Putnam's Bowling Alone. As Jim points out, there is substantial evidence that electronic media has had an significant impact on us. We should be going forward fully aware of the trade-offs and not be blindly trustful in technological bells and whistles.

  • Donald Trump, The Clickbait Candidate by Gord Hotchkiss (Online Spin on 08/25/2015)

    Canadians have a long history of commenting on American politics. And much as I wish it weren't so, Trump as president would have a dramatic impact north of the border as well. Although, to this point, he hasn't indicated he wants a great wall on the 49th.

  • Five Lessons From 272 Columns by Aaron Goldman (Search Insider on 06/03/2015)

    Well done Aaron. Good luck on the social side of the house. I know first hand how the well can occassionally go dry on a week-by-week basis. 272 consistently insightful and entertaining columns is no small achievement!

  • The Mother of All Disruption by Gord Hotchkiss (Online Spin on 05/12/2015)

    Sure..that's one approach

  • Some Second Thoughts On Mindless Media by Gord Hotchkiss (Online Spin on 04/28/2015) we're getting into the ethics of marketing..which is relevant but whole different ballgame. It's one thing for markets to open up and become both more democratic and transparent, giving us more choices - it's another for marketers to push us towards those choices that are the worst for us, in the name of corporate profit.

  • Apple's New Watch Takes A Licking In New Horizon Media Survey by Larissa Faw (MAD on 04/24/2015)

    Agree with Maarten. When the iPad came out, I remember everyone saying that they saw no purpose in what was essentially a big iPhone - without the phone. This highlights one of the huge limitations of traditional market research - predicting the unpredictable because there's no trend line to project forward.

  • The Messy Part Of Marketing by Gord Hotchkiss (Online Spin on 04/07/2015)

    Kaila...if you follow the link above to Jakob's column, he talks about Information foraging. Also, Peter's site has a link to a few articles ( I wrote the second one down.

  • Consumption In Context by Gord Hotchkiss (Online Spin on 02/23/2015)

    Actually Terry, there are brain studies about multi-tasking and it's a myth. We don't multi-task - we task switch. But we've always done that. There's nothing new here. It's just that it's different than how we watched TV in our childhood. Also..10% usage of the brain? Also a myth.

  • Farewell, Search Insider -- It's Been Fun! by Gord Hotchkiss (Search Insider on 01/07/2015)

    Thanks all for you comments and best wishes. Really..this is a bigger change for Mediapost than for me. I intend on doing what I've always done..just with a different masthead at the top.

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