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  • Magnetic Acquires MyBuys, Raises $25 Million Equity Round in Search Marketing Daily on 05/21/2015

    Magnetic said Thursday that it will merge with MyBuys to expand its focus on multichannel marketing and personalization. The combined company will enable marketers to better connect with people by creating one view of the purchase journey across devices and channels during all stages of the buying process.

  • Twitter, Google Strike Deal That Drives Leads, Reads in Search Marketing Daily on 05/20/2015

    Google and Twitter have made it easier to find tweets on Google's search engine. The two companies struck a deal, announced this week, to serve real-time tweets in Google search results in the United States. Twitter search results will become available in the Google app and mobile Web. Desktop search will follow.

  • Google Adds Buy Button For YouTube TrueView Ads in Search Marketing Daily on 05/21/2015

    Supporting the growing number of searches for how-to videos, product reviews, and haul videos on YouTube, Google will add a Buy button to ads on its video site in the coming months, allowing retailers to send site visitors from their product channels to their retail Web sites to purchase products. The feature is similar to the one Google added to the shopping product on Google search.

  • Google Losing To Facebook In Mid-America Small Towns in SearchBlog on 05/22/2015

    Hello from Wyoming. I gained firsthand insight into Google's plan to give businesses in rural American towns help in setting up and running Web sites, but the Mountain View, Calif. company may be losing out to Facebook, which has attracted consumers who don't frequent the Internet, text friends to keep in touch, or use email. They do use the social site to communicate with neighbors and friends.

  • How Search Data More Closely Predicted How Seats On U.K. Political Parties Would Change in SearchBlog on 05/21/2015

    Search engines Google and Bing have been known to forecast trends, and the outcome of sporting events, even presidential elections, but recently a U.K.-headquartered search agency took on the challenge. Mavens of London tapped into the latest search data using Google AdWords to update its research on the changing patterns in the U.K.'s political parties. Prior to the vote, Mavens aimed to predict an accurate number of seats won by each party in the latest election.

  • Google Reportedly Rolling Out Buy Button in Search Marketing Daily on 05/17/2015

    Google reportedly will roll out a Buy button on search product ads that will take consumers to a landing page that allows them to complete the transaction. Last year at the MediaPost Search Insider Summit, brands spoke about exploring the possibility. Some said Google had approached them with the idea.

  • Most Real-Time Data Isn't Really Real Time in Data and Targeting Insider on 05/20/2015

    Not all offline data will integrate into so-called real-time systems in real time, because the systems that feed data into management platforms cannot process data as the transactions occur, according to Tony Giordano, executive vice president, technology solutions group, Merkle. The topic of real-time data came up while talking about the Data Management Cloud platform Merkle launched last week.The solution integrates traditional offline and digital data, Giordano said. "

  • The Correct Way To Use Product Manuals To Improve Search Marketing in SearchBlog on 05/20/2015

    Since product support influences sales, OwnerIQ may have some data that search marketers should see. The company's site, ManualsOnline, maintains manuals for 650,000 products from hundreds of top brands. Consumers who are looking for more information about a product but can't find that darn manual can go there. The data provides insight into what consumers search for online. The company also white labels the service, enabling more than 50 online retailers to easily add details from manuals to their product pages -- and recently revamped its mobile site to support consumers looking for manual information in the stores and on the go.

  • Facebook Has The Knowledge To Launch A Sophisticated Search Engine. Here's Why in SearchBlog on 05/19/2015

    Facebook recently published a study in the journal "Science" exploring what Americans see in News Feed, and whether "echo chambers," defined as silos of information that people see from like-minded individuals, provide a narrow-minded view of the news. The study, Exposure to Diverse Information on Facebook, analyzes how more than 10 million Americans navigate the site to read socially shared news and entertainment. And while the study works on exploring one point, the algorithms that do the heavy lifting prove another.

  • Where Memorial Day-Related Searches Skyrocket In May in SearchBlog on 05/18/2015

    Barbecues, ribs, backyards, and beach balls in the sun -- having fun with friends and family. It may sound cliched, but that's what comes to mind around Memorial Day. I'm searching for the best price on steaks, fish and chicken, places to go, and sales and bargains. So are others. In fact, the volume of searches related to Memorial Day in the past year reached more than 3 million, compared to Labor Day, which came in at 951,355. In April this year, searches rose to 4.3 million, up from nearly 2 million in March 2015.

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