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Ari Rosenberg

Member since June 2004 Contact Ari

Provide media sales consulting services with a focus on sales training and licensing of patented IPC pricing system that rewards advertisers for placing ads users like.

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  • Targeting Bayshore Boulevard in Online Publishing Insider on 04/07/2016

    I was driving on 101 South toward the San Francisco airport last week when I abruptly took the Cesar Chavez exit and followed signs to Bayshore Boulevard. I had plenty of time before my flight back to New York left, and seemingly no control over where my car took me. I had to pull into the parking lot of 3240 Bayshore Boulevard again - 13 years since I'd last pulled out.

  • IAB Talks About Consumers, But Doesn't Listen To Them in Online Publishing Insider on 03/17/2016

    A reader of this column invited me as his guest to a digital conference for local publishers two weeks ago in New York, hosted by Borrell Associates. Interactive Advertising Bureau CEO Randall Rothenberg was giving a speech on Adblock Plus, and my reader (thank you, Lubin) thought I would enjoy hearing it.

  • The Trumping Of Adblock Plus in Online Publishing Insider on 03/03/2016

    I met the executives from Adblock Plus at a roundtable gathering in New York a few months back. They came across as well-intended people, authentic in their defense of the consumer. They came across likable - if that should even matter. What does matter: They came across as smart. They are, however, guilty of being a bit nave about the online advertising industry they have commandeered. That will get adjusted over time as they gain more ground between advertisers and publishers.

  • It Happens Faster Than You Think in Online Publishing Insider on 02/18/2016

    My father's birthday was this past Valentine's Day. He would have been 80. My father was never going to be 80. When he was 67 - soon after hearing the term "stage 4"- he went to see the movie "Bad Santa" with me and one of his closest friends, Rob. When the movie ended, I went to the parking lot and pulled the car closer to the entrance. While my car idled, I saw through the theater's glass doors that my dad had fallen and Rob was helping him up. I saw Rob a few weeks later at my father's funeral. He shared with me that as he helped my father regain his feet at the theater, Dad said to him, "When it happens, it happens faster than you think." Premium content publishing on the Web is really dying - and this point, the decline will happen much faster than you think.

  • Programmatic TV: Don't Adopt The Mistakes in Online Publishing Insider on 02/04/2016

    The ability to deliver sight, sound and motion is the first reason why TV rules the media stage. The enormous advantage of having less supply for greater demand is the second reason. The third reason is content. Consumers don't binge-watch Web sites, radio or magazines. Only television content can cause that. To their credit, television broadcasters are looking at ways to get even better at selling ads, and programmatic technology has caught their interest. Here is some advice on how to strategically embrace programmatic without adopting the mistakes that can come with it.

  • VF: Letters Of Betrayal in Online Publishing Insider on 01/21/2016

    Ari Rosenberg revisits a love from his past: Vanity Fair. "I began to read you as if it were the first time all over again. Only this time, it was immediately clear how impossible it would be to ignore the impact the Internet has had on you and on me."

  • Another DUI For The IAB in Online Publishing Insider on 01/07/2016

    In 2013 the Interactive Advertising Bureau published its "Native Advertising Playbook" to help drive this growing segment of Internet advertising. The playbook stated, "It is clear that most advertisers and publishers aspire to deliver paid ads that are so cohesive with the page content, assimilated into the design, and consistent with the platform behavior that the viewer simply feels that they belong." Two weeks ago, the Federal Trade Commission pulled the IAB over for driving the industry under the influence of self-delusion. It turns out running ads that "assimilate into the design" - so much so that "the viewer feels that they belong" - is exactly what not to do.

  • Can New Media Learn Old-Media Tricks? in Online Publishing Insider on 12/17/2015

    Here's where new media and old media disconnect: New media thinks in terms of dollars no matter what it smells like, and old media wore integrity proudly, like cologne.

  • Investing In Our Industry Is Crazy, Because We're Insane in Online Publishing Insider on 12/03/2015

    Hatred doesn't just show up one day - it brews over time. Consumer hatred for online advertising has reached a boiling point, but it started to brew in the late 1990s.

  • More Meaningless Advice For Premium Publishers in Online Publishing Insider on 11/25/2015

    The advice I have dispensed in this column to premium publishers these past 10 years has been fulfilling for me to give -- and generally ignored. That's not surprising. What I do find perplexing is how so many people in this business of premium publishing ignore their own guts.

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