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Ari Rosenberg

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Provide media sales consulting services with a focus on sales training and licensing of patented IPC pricing system that rewards advertisers for placing ads users like.

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  • Learning To Love My Boss Jennifer in Online Publishing Insider on 08/20/2015

    When I was 24 years old, I was an assistant media planner at Young & Rubicam on Madison Avenue. I worked on the media plan to support the launch of Kraft fat-free mayonnaise. At that time, I wasn't a big fan of mayonnaise -- and I liked my boss, Jennifer, even less.

  • A Gold Mine Built On Landfill in Online Publishing Insider on 08/06/2015

    The online video industry is exploding -- just ask anyone who is selling, buying or writing about it. Video-play numbers are in the billions, as is the revenue for the pre-roll ads that appear prior to this Web-based content. There are many reasons for this significant growth. But below the surface, the practice of "auto-play" is driving it.

  • More Meaningless Advice For Premium Publishers in Online Publishing Insider on 07/23/2015

    The advice I have dispensed in this column to premium publishers these past 10 years has been fulfilling for me to give -- and generally ignored. That's not surprising. What I do find perplexing is how so many people in this business of premium publishing ignore their own guts.

  • It's An Arbitrage Media World -- Premium Publishers Just Die In It in Online Publishing Insider on 07/02/2015

    Market forces are funny things. They travel in the direction they want to travel, no matter how much they are told not to. Despite trying to reverse the direction of these market forces, they have not veered from their original flight plan. As a result, the turbulence they create is causing the premium publishing industry to crash and burn.

  • Phaddiction in Online Publishing Insider on 06/10/2015

    In the fourth quarter of 2010, smartphone shipments increased by 87% versus the year prior - and for the first time, outsold personal computers. Consumer time spent on mobile devices caught the entire digital publishing industry off guard because the rate at which consumers spend time on their smartphones is driven by ramped-up addiction. The crack is texting and Snapchat. These two forms of mobile communication feed a hyper and constant physical need to connect, subconsciously inducing teenagers and adults to reach for their phones in a subtle panic every two minutes. As publishers, advertisers and tech platforms, aren't we trading on this addiction? And should that matter to us?

  • Serving Native in Online Publishing Insider on 05/14/2015

    A waiter at a Michelin-rated restaurant returns to a candlelit table for two and asks, "Have you had time to look at our menu? Do you have any questions?" The gentleman, who is out to dinner with his wife, responds.s "Yes, we're wondering about this sponsored dish, the Visa Veal Scalloppini?"

  • Have Publishers Lost Their Minds With Outbrain? in Online Publishing Insider on 04/21/2015

    Sometime when I speak with a media salesperson over a beer or a burger, they share something that at first sounds benign, but then causes that moment to freeze as a market issue gets crystallized. This past week -- over a frozen Margarita, no less -- one of those moments occurred.

  • Selling Online Ads Like It's 1999 in Online Publishing Insider on 04/02/2015

    As a publishing industry, are we any better at selling online ads now than when we first started? How could we be, if we never got the publishing formula right to begin with?

  • A Simple Solution To Your Ad-Sales Revenue Emergency in Online Publishing Insider on 03/12/2015

    Far more digital publishers are going to miss their first-quarter ad-sales numbers than will make them. The rest of the year will be worse. That's because established consumer publishers -- along with thousands of quality vertical ones -- trying to sell ads online are staring at an elephant-sized problem: 50% of their value proposition they traditionally and heavily leaned on to earn a spot on a media plan, has disappeared.

  • How To Lose Five Pounds  in Online Publishing Insider on 02/19/2015

    I heard that advice for how to be a great media salesperson was dispensed at the recent IAB conference. The audience was told that "great digital sellers are marketing-oriented, not advertising-driven." Additionally, great digital sellers "organize around programs and solution bundles, rather than responding to media plans and RFPs." This kind of high-end strategic advice makes for great theater. However, any salespeople who told their manager they would no longer respond to RFPs and would only sell marketing solutions, not ad-based programs, would have a target placed on their back for the next round of layoffs.

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  • Learning To Love My Boss Jennifer by Ari Rosenberg (Online Publishing Insider on 08/20/2015)

    Bob & Barbara and Andrew -- thanks for the comments.  Funny, when I submitted this column to my editor, she thought Jennifer would be upset because I painted her as a 'micro-manager' -- what I was trying to show is how immature I was -- I mean really, what was Jennifer doing wrong -- expecting me to follow her directions, asking me to work as hard as she had to -- this were all MY issues not hers -- my point is that at 24 years old I didn't know shit about being a professional and I almost lost my chance fighting the direction of my boss instead of just respecting it -- there is plent of room to be your own person, but everyone has a boss and if you meet their expectations instead of challenging them, you win more than they do.  That was my point.

  • Ponder This: Malvertising Could Be One Reason For Rise In Ad Blocking by Laurie Sullivan (SearchBlog on 08/17/2015)

    We all saw this coming and we all chose not to look.  When ads are sold through third part channels, this happens period.  Publishers chose the short term gains of selling their unsold inventory on ad networks and now exchanges, and as a result, there will be less ads to sell because of the ad blockers consumers should use.  Shame on us.

  • A Gold Mine Built On Landfill by Ari Rosenberg (Online Publishing Insider on 08/06/2015)

    Thanks Ed.  Seems so obvious -- online video advertising can be the next best thing our industry has ever brought forth after search if we let users initiate the viewing and yet we choose the short cut instead of the right path.

  • More Meaningless Advice For Premium Publishers by Ari Rosenberg (Online Publishing Insider on 07/23/2015)

    Eliana, thank you for such an insightful response -- I am sure all of those reading it just got smarter and I appreciate you being upfront about the fact you work for a verification solution company and yet your words don't sound jaded -- you should submit a guest column on the topic as a whole -- reach out to Phyllis Fine at Mediapost  (you can email me difectly at and I will give you more details).  That said, "black lists" have been around since the advent of ad networks and they don't work as promised but more than that Eliana, open RTB and even Private Market Places deliver lower prices for ad impressions which allow lower quality advertisers who do not invest in creative to buy and run ads -- so the fundamental problem remains -- when you sell off unsold inventory to those channels, your value as a site will continue to go down -- not in the short terms so quarter by quarter execs will see revenue from RTB and think things are great when it fact everything is going in the wrong direction and time will play that out.  Thanks again I really enjoyed reading you.

  • It's An Arbitrage Media World -- Premium Publishers Just Die In It by Ari Rosenberg (Online Publishing Insider on 07/02/2015)

    @Chris -- funny stuff -- my brother's dog goes nuts during those fireworks.  And Paula thank you as always for chiming in with your insight and support.  I don't mean to be "gloomy" but I can't help sharing what I see and the picture keeps getting worse by the quarter for an industry I grew  up in, respect and am a part of. 

  • It's An Arbitrage Media World -- Premium Publishers Just Die In It by Ari Rosenberg (Online Publishing Insider on 07/02/2015)

    @ Bob -- feeling your pain.  Hit me up at when you have a chance.

  • Thoughtless Publishers Drive Away Readers by Paolo Gaudiano (Online Publishing Insider on 06/18/2015)

    Nice piece Paolo.  IF sites would look at the user experience as a "physical one" it would be obvious how these missteps hurt their business.  Can you imagine walking into a brick and morter store, and having a person "pop up" infront of you as you try to get to the aisle to make the purchase you walked in to make?  I know we are both guilty of pointing fingers at what sites do wrong but so many gives us so many things to point at.

  • Phaddiction by Ari Rosenberg (Online Publishing Insider on 06/10/2015)

    Thanks you Paul -- I really appreciate the "mazel tov" -- funny we have know eachother a long time now through these boards -- much appreciated

  • Phaddiction by Ari Rosenberg (Online Publishing Insider on 06/10/2015)

    Chris, this is an epidemic -- too many lives will literally be lost because drivers cant put their stupid phones down.  And you're right, it's hard for a parent to tell a kid to stop when they can't stop themselves.

  • Phaddiction by Ari Rosenberg (Online Publishing Insider on 06/10/2015)

    That is so nice of you to say Barbara -- thank you

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