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Patrick Evans

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Patrick Evans is a Gen Y member marketing to Gen Y consumers as marketing and communications manager at STA Travel, the youth travel expert enabling students and young adults to explore the world by creating experiences filled with adventure, discovery and personal growth. Chat with him on Twitter at @statravelUS or @ptrckevns.

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  • Retailers Need To Avoid Making Gen Y Look Stupid by Patrick Evans (Engage:Millennials on 02/17/2012)

    But what has changed so that an entire generation of people are so concerned about having the right information before shopping? There is something fundamentally different about this generation of consumers and their purchasing habits than past generations.

  • Why Facebook Will Charge Users by Patrick Evans (Marketing Daily on 11/22/2011)

    Hi John - Thanks for reading, but I think you're making different arguments then the one I am trying to make. My point is not that Facebook is going to start charging users tomorrow, just as The Times didn't introduce a paywall until 150 years after it started. My first and third points are checked with the statement that Facebook needs to innovate. The point of the article wasn't to tell Facebook how they should evolve and innovate - that's what your comment does. I'm just making a comparison between two gigantic entities and pointing out a need for innovation.

  • Why Facebook Will Charge Users by Patrick Evans (Marketing Daily on 11/22/2011)

    Agree, Jimm. I think Facebook could be well-served by finding more innovative ways to serve ads right now. There are lots of advantages, but I'm seeing greater innovation in advertising elsewhere.

  • Why Facebook Will Charge Users by Patrick Evans (Marketing Daily on 11/22/2011)

    Scott - Ad network aside (not sure I agree that impressions are what counts), why wouldn't Facebook charge users a few bucks a month? I doubt they would lose many users and some of my friends are terribly addicted. Even if they added a premium tier with more space for photos or videos, I think it is the most logical next step.

  • Why Facebook Will Charge Users by Patrick Evans (Marketing Daily on 11/22/2011)

    I don't think Facebook's only option is to charge users a fee. If they ramp up innovation and users are comfortable with better ad placement and possibly paying for certain extras, I don't think they would have to charge a fee for access. I also think we'll see a move away from building Facebook exclusive games and apps, which takes away from the value of Facebook Credits.

  • Facebook Is Dead For Gen Y; What's Next? by Patrick Evans (Engage:Millennials on 11/18/2011)

    Hi Tracy - Thanks for reading. I don't think it is a zero sum game between Facebook and Google+. Right now, they offer essentially the same features. And as I put in the article, I'm not saying Gen Y isn't on Facebook, the group just isn't as enamored with the platform anymore. Patrick

  • Do Not Market To Gen Y by Patrick Evans (Engage:Millennials on 07/11/2011)

    Thanks for reading Merri. I think you're spot on that the main takeaway is there isn't a specific one through five steps to market to our generation. We're aren't classifiable and the above article is based on key takeaways from several surveys of our generation to create a general profile. On average, our generation is more health conscious, we did move on from MySpace and millions of us check out Threadless. I think Tom's and Warby Parker, which give the less fortunate people shoes and glasses, is a little different than grunge rock. I'm not saying we don't like being marketed to, I gave several examples of marketing that does work - on average - with our generation. Relevant brand partnerships, branded stickers on GetGlue, product placement, cultural marketing, etc.

  • Why Your Corporate Social Responsibility Program Sucks by Patrick Evans (Engage:Millennials on 05/20/2011)

    Thanks for reading Ruth Ann!

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