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  • TapFwd Partners With Cuebiq, Brings Location Intel To DMP  in Mobile Marketing Daily on 06/28/2016

    Mobile-first data management platform (DMP) TapFwd announced a partnership with Cuebiq, a location intelligence company today. TapFwd will merge its audience profiles with Cuebiq's location data, extending the capabilities of TapFwd's audience segmenting tools.

  • IBM Releases Next Gen MobileFirst Foundation For The Cloud in Mobile Marketing Daily on 06/28/2016

    The tech is designed to help accelerate enterprise mobile app development. The new iteration of MobileFirst Foundation allows developers to create apps and start small on IBM's servers/the cloud, or on premise, then scale production workloads in those environments, speeding up the development process.

  • Facebook Releases Slideshow On Core App in Mobile Marketing Daily on 06/27/2016

    Now Facebook is officially rolling out its photo-to-video product, called Slideshow (not the ad product), on its core app to iOS users worldwide. Slideshows are pre-fabricated for users when they take more than five photos or videos in a 24-hour period. Users can then adjust them, adding or removing photos and selecting a theme.

  • Uber Partners With Pandora To Offer Drivers Streaming Service in Mobile Marketing Daily on 06/27/2016

    Uber and Pandora have partnered to bring the Internet radio service to Uber's drivers, as opposed to its riders. The move is designed to attract and retain drivers in Uber's pool, as ride-sharing services battle over a small pool of potential chauffeurs.

  • xAd Teams With comScore For Mobile Attribution Solution in Mobile Marketing Daily on 06/24/2016

    xAd, a location intelligence firm, announced a partnership with comScore this week, releasing a solution that aims to link mobile campaigns with in-store visits, also known as the giant bugbear in the path of mobile marketers and advertisers.

  • Twitter Updates Location Feed  in Mobile Marketing Daily on 06/24/2016

    With the help of Foursquare, Twitter is finally beginning to allow users to see tweets from specific places. Creating a product that helps users to differentiate themselves from the morass of the main feed in a specific geographical location may be a positive move in that direction.

  • Mobile Ad Network Parsec Raises Monies For Brand Metric in Mobile Marketing Daily on 06/23/2016

    Parsec, a mobile ad network, announced that it has raised $1.5 million in seed funding. The company charges based on the amount of time consumers spend with ads on the mobile Web.

  • Fines For Location Data Offenders: A Drop In The Bucket? in MoBlog on 06/23/2016

    In a recent conversation I had with a data scientist, he said, "When it comes to data collection, I have no morals." Though he quickly mitigated that statement, saying, "The data I care about is actionable data, and I would never use personally identifiable information in a public setting." But he said he has no qualms about collecting and testing any data to see if it was valuable to his business' KPIs.

  • Verve Acquires Roximity, Gains Access To National Beacon Network in Mobile Marketing Daily on 06/22/2016

    With the purchase of a beacon network, the company will be able to get more concrete data about the relation of mobile ads to in-store visits-and hopefully add more data points to the problems with mobile attribution that many publishers, brands and advertisers still have.

  • Tencent To Acquire 84% Of Mobile Game Maker Supercell in Mobile Marketing Daily on 06/21/2016

    A consortium organized by Tencent, a Chinese tech giant, and Supercell, the Finnish mobile game maker known for Clash of Clans announced that the Chinese consortium will purchase a majority stake in SuperCell, valuing the company at about $10.2 billion.

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