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Daisy Whitney

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  • Digital Video Growth Drives More Efficient CPMs in Video Insider on 09/19/2014

    Mobile video is growing, programmatic buying is rocking, and over-the-top devices continue to gain traction. All the latest news and reports tell us that, and those are all positive trends for the digital advertising business. But one of the key questions is, what's next? As digital video moves past the rapid growth of the early days, what kind of role will it play in the overall ad business?

  • Programmatic Expands Deeper into Video, With TV Next in Video Insider on 09/09/2014

    Programmatic advertising has become widespread in display ads, and is poised to make deeper inroads into video and TV. Already, 84% of ad executives in the United States buy display ads using programmatic buying, with about 58% doing so for video, and 60% buying in this fashion for mobile ads, according to a survey by AOL Platforms reported on by eMarketer.

  • Video Outperforms For Content Marketing  in Video Insider on 09/03/2014

    Brand marketers using video report that it outperforms other types of content marketing, according to a new research study conducted by video marketing platform VidYard on the effectiveness of video marketing. More than 70% of the B2B companies that use video in their marketing said it exceeds plain text and images at driving conversions, and many said the ROI from video is on the rise.

  • Next in Cross-Screen Marketing: Attribution, Please in Video Insider on 08/27/2014

    Marketers are keen to move deeper into cross-channel marketing, but they also want more from their campaigns. Namely, they want to better understand the impact of each medium and the path to purchase, according to a report from eMarketer drawing on a survey by the National Advertisers and Forrester Consulting of U.S advertisers. The report also stated that cross-device marketing is the topic that marketers are most eager to learn more about this year.

  • Internet Pulls Ahead Of TV in Video Insider on 08/19/2014

    The Internet is now ahead of TV, and it shows no signs of stopping its growth. For the first time, the number of broadband customers exceeded the number of cable subscribers.

  • Marketers Aren't Making Brand Video A Priority, Study Says in Video Insider on 08/13/2014

    Many consumers visit brand Web sites on the hunt for videos, but brands don't often offer enough video content to satisfy the demand. Consumers want video to help make purchase decisions, and 59% of consumers specifically say they're "likely to watch video when visiting a brand web site," according to a study of more than 1.000 consumers and more than 500 marketers from Levels Beyond, a video software company and content inventory platform.

  • Multi-Screen Campaigns On Rise, But Analytics Sorely Lacking in Video Insider on 08/04/2014

    There is good news and bad news when it comes to multi-screen ad campaigns. The good news: Most marketers are on board, with 75% of advertisers now running multi-screen campaigns, according to a study of ad agency executives conducted by rich media ad provider Jivox in the second quarter. What's more, of those that don't run multi-screen campaigns, most are planning to do so.

  • Number Of Connected TVs On Pace to Double in Three Years in Video Insider on 07/29/2014

    The devices are taking over. In three years, the number of connected TVs will double. By 2017, consumers will have brought home 204 million connected TV devices, more than double the number of projected U.S. Internet homes, according to NPD Connected Intelligence. Connected TV devices include video game consoles, streaming media players, Blu-ray devices and TVs.

  • TV Viewers Distracted By Other Video Screens in Video Insider on 07/24/2014

    The battle for consumer attention isn't getting easier. TV is still as popular as ever, but rather than tuning out commercials to grab a snack or run to the restroom, viewers are craning their necks downward - at another screen - and often do so while watching the show on the set. About 48% of prime-time TV viewers are double-timing the tube with other screens, whether using social media, checking email or shopping online, according to a study of 55,000 Internet users worldwide conducted by global research firm TNS. This growing habit of "screen stacking" dovetails with the proliferation of devices and online video viewing.

  • Nearly Two-Thirds Of TV Viewers Are Binge Watchers in Video Insider on 07/16/2014

    Binge viewing isn't just the biggest buzzword in the video business. It's the real deal. But not all consumers know they're doing it. About 63% of TV viewers are binge viewers, according to a study of consumer viewing behavior among U.S TV viewers 18 and older, conducted by Annalect, an analytics and data division of Omnicom Media Group. That means they watch three or more episodes of the same TV show in one sitting. However, many of those consumers don't "self-identify" as such. Even though their habits fit the definition, only 43% described themselves that way.

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