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Daisy Whitney

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Daisy Whitney is a report, columnist and veteran of the media reporting business.

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  • Cablers Gain Broadband Subs; Live Video Viewing Rises for Pay-TV Operators in Video Insider on 08/27/2015

    Broadband is a thriving business for cable operators. Top cablers added more than 500,000 new broadband customers in the second quarter, an increase that is likely due in part to the continuing rise of video viewing via high-speed connections.

  • Shorter Isn't Always Better In Mobile Video Ads in Video Insider on 08/19/2015

    Mobile video viewing habits are shapeshifting daily, and so is consumer behavior with ads on these platforms. Advertisers are testing a range of formats, from short Vine-esque ads to longer-format ones, to interactive spots, in a quest to learn which resonate most with viewers. There aren't many hard and fast conclusions, but a new study from Google offers insight into how mobile viewers might respond.

  • OTT Churn Rises As Consumers Switch And Sample in Video Insider on 08/12/2015

    Lest pay-TV providers start thinking that their hotshot over-the-top rivals have it all, consider this latest tidbit: OTT services are dealing with churn, too. Big-time.

  • OTT Revenue On Pace To Double In Four Years in Video Insider on 08/04/2015

    Show of hands: If you wanted to watch a James Bond marathon, would you turn to a Netflix-esque over-the-top service, or a traditional network running a marathon of the movies? A few years ago, there was only one answer: the network. Now, there are more choices. While the question is a rhetorical one without hard and fast numbers, many media executives are betting that the Netflix-viewing option is poised to command a larger chunk of consumer behavior in the next few years.

  • Mobile TV Watching Rises For Older Viewers in Video Insider on 07/28/2015

    That mobile video viewing is growing rapidly seems a given. But by how much is up for debate. Figures and reports can vary widely, and studies should always be taken with a grain of salt -- or a handful, in some cases. With those caveats in mind, Arris' just-released report on worldwide consumer video behavior reveals some key findings that are worth a second look, especially considering the scope of the survey.

  • Smaller, Mobile Screens Dominate Video For Youth in Video Insider on 07/23/2015

    Not only are Millennials focusing their viewing time on digital devices, younger kids are concentrating on the even smaller screen. While media consumers watch more than eight hours of video each day, most of them are increasing their time with streaming video and digital viewing and lowering their time watching traditional TV, according to a new report from research firm SmithGeiger. As an example, 18- to 34-year-old Millennials allocate only 18% of their video time to traditional TV, with 61% of their video viewing occurring on digital devices.

  • Netflix & Streaming Play Nice With Pay TV in Video Insider on 07/15/2015

    TV viewers are becoming streamers, but they aren't cutting the cord. So says two recent reports that shed insight into some of the consumer behavior trends most critical to media programmers today: video consumption habits, and how they are changing.

  • SVOD Numbers Jump, Driven by Netflix And OTT in Video Insider on 07/09/2015

    Netflix is on a fast track for growth this year, and it's not the only over-the-top service adding heft. By the end of 2015, the number of subscription video-on-demand homes in the United States and Canada should reach 57.8 million, with 7.1 million new homes coming on board this year alone, according to research from Digital TV Research. The surge in consumer usage of over-the-top options from Netflix, Amazon and Hulu is fueling this jump.

  • ROI On Video Rises -- Targeting Aids Performance in Video Insider on 07/01/2015

    Agencies are enjoying the results they're getting with their online video ad spend, especially when it comes to targeted placements. Some agencies are making video the main focus of digital campaigns. Forty-four percent of those who have done so said they are pleased with the return on investment in their online video campaigns, according to eMarketer data from a May Strata study. That's not a majority, but still, the number of advertisers who are realizing ROI is up 43% quarter over quarter, so the positive trend may be reassuring for the online video industry, the report said.

  • Mobile Users Increase Movies And TV Viewing  in Video Insider on 06/24/2015

    Ever look around at the gym to see what people are watching? How about the subway? Or maybe just the teens gathered together at the mall? Everyone's watching their phones. It's become so incredibly normal to watch video on the phone that long-form content is flourishing on the small screen. About 30% of smartphone owners in the US and Canada are watching TV shows, while 20% are watching movies on their phones, according to a just-released study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau on mobile viewing, surveying consumers in 24 countries. This trend is manifesting around the globe. In Latin America about 22% of smartphone users watch movies and TV shows, whi

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