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Daisy Whitney

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Daisy Whitney is a report, columnist and veteran of the media reporting business.

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  • Video Ads Optimized For Device Deliver Best KPIs in Video Insider on 11/25/2014

    With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just days away, online video advertising should be kicking into full gear for the online holiday shopping season. Marketers would be wise to customize ads for the device, because those type of ads drive the best results. That's the finding of a just-completed study from video advertising firm Innovid that analyzed video ad engagement across screens using Crackle's network of online TV and movie viewers.

  • Digital Ad Spend Poised To Overtake TV Revenue in Video Insider on 11/20/2014

    Online media ad revenue is on a path to steamroll TV ad spend. Or so says Forrester Research in a new forecast predicting that by 2019 marketers will spend more than $103 billion on online video ads, search marketing, display advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing. That amount spent on digital media will surpass the spend for broadcast and cable TV combined, Forrester has said.

  • Study: Video Cited As One Of Most Effective B2B Tools in Video Insider on 11/13/2014

    Business-to-business marketers need to be making online videos -- one of the most powerful marketing tools at their disposal, according to a new report from the Content Marketing Institute.

  • Mobile's Fortune Drives Digital Video Growth in Video Insider on 11/04/2014

    Online video viewing is on the rise, and so are online video dollars. Okay, fine, that's not rocket science to connect the two. Even so, a handful of new research reports point to a sustained surge in the online video ad market that's being fueled by consumer reliance on mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets.

  • Report: Online Video Casts Wider Net To Auto, Restaurants, Finance  in Video Insider on 10/29/2014

    A broader range of marketers are spending money in online video campaigns with increased share of spending coming from auto, restaurants, financial services, entertainment and travel brands. That's one of the top-level findings in a new report from ad platform Videology analyzing impressions delivered across its service in the third quarter.

  • Mobile Video Growing for Millennials -- Programmatic Mobile Also On Rise in Video Insider on 10/22/2014

    Mobile is hot -- but you knew that already. What is new on this front is how hot and whom mobile wins over. A pair of recent studies sheds light for digital marketers mapping out mobile campaigns.

  • Online TV Viewers Cite Convenience As Driver in Video Insider on 10/16/2014

    Convenience wins. Online viewing is popular because it's easy. Sure, binge-watching, commercial skipping and a lower cost are nice, but more than half of online video viewers say they watch TV on the Web because they can watch shows when they want.

  • Gaming Consoles Become Online Video Hub, Smart TVs Nip At Heels in Video Insider on 10/08/2014

    Keep your eyes on the game console. Well, a lot of consumers are doing just that: watching the gaming console. About 46% of broadband homes in the U.S. have a gaming console connected to the Web, and more than one quarter use it as their primary connected consumer electronics device. About three-quarters of those who rely on the gaming console as the main screen say they regularly use it to watch non-gaming content such as online video.

  • Nearly Half Of Younger Viewers Watch Mobile Video Each Week in Video Insider on 10/01/2014

    If you need any more evidence that mobile video is the future, here's this new nugget - as tablet ownership grows, so does tablet mobile viewing.

  • Turns Out TV Everywhere Authentication Isn't Too Tough in Video Insider on 09/24/2014

    Looks like cable operators will need a new excuse for slow adoption of TV Everywhere, because it turns out consumers are doing just fine on that whole authentication boogeyman that was supposedly slowing them down from using the service.

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