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MediaPost Editor-At-Large Barbara Lippert ( covers the intersection of pop culture, advertising and marketing. For many years, Lippert was the award-winning author of the Adweek Critique. She speaks at conferences and appears on TV as an expert on media trends and advertising imagery.

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  • Freud, Goethe, And The Bookshelf: The Ikea Papers in Mad Blog on 08/27/2015

    Is there anything more analog than a catalogue, thudding its way to your mailbox or doorstep? Indeed, the release last year of Restoration Hardware's astounding 17-pounder seemed counterintuitive, if not downright arrogant. It caused howls of protest among recipients who saw its distribution as a perverse and wasteful move.

  • The Trumpman Show: The Pugnacious Prince Of Bel-Hair  in Mad Blog on 08/20/2015

    Donald "Ratings Machine" Trump seems to have found his political groove. He is the Golden Boy, currently owning the airwaves, social media, and the polls, and even performing miracles -- like getting the American electorate interested in politics.

  • Two Weddings And A Meryl (Streep) in Mad Blog on 08/06/2015

    What makes the idea of aging rockers -- with flying hair extensions, tons of smudged eyeliner, and fingers full of gypsy rings -- seem so viscerally unappealing and cringe-inducing? Or is that just my own ageism and prejudice showing? Surely it must have something to do with rock's inevitable suggestion of -- and link to -- sex, drugs, and youth.

  • Just Like Buddy Holly & The Rain People: Road Trips From Hell?  in Mad Blog on 07/29/2015

    It's the dog days of summer. Why not go back, back, back to those pre-Internet days, a time when a) people watched TV in real time, and b) every now and then a TV commercial popped up that was so clever, surprising, strikingly beautiful, or funny that it became the subject of next-day water-cooler chatter? (Now, I guess that would be cappuccino/Red Bull/Nature-Valley-bar chat.)

  • Chasing Amy: Is 'Trainwreck' Bad for Women? in Mad Blog on 07/23/2015

    I'm a big fan of "Inside Amy Schumer," the Comedy Central show that was just nominated for seven Emmys. But "Trainwreck," her new movie, reinforces every lame stereotype that the "IAS" writers have worked so hard to satirize.

  • Sluts Get Cut -- And Other Everlasting Wisdom From 'UnREAL' in Mad Blog on 07/16/2015

    Readers, you know that MadBlog is always on the lookout for a televisual object worthy of post-"Mad Men" binge-watching, so you don't have to. This week, I turned to "UnREAL," a new Lifetime drama set behind-the-scenes at a "Bachelor"-like reality show called "Everlasting."

  • The Tour de Pants: Cosby, Jared, And Trump in Mad Blog on 07/09/2015

    It's been a painful time for fans of Subway guy Jared Fogle, and beloved sitcom dad and sometime Jello pudding pop pusher Bill Cosby. Add Donald Trump to the mix and it's been one weird week.

  • Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy: The Death And Life of 'Happy-ish' in Mad Blog on 07/01/2015

    Let's face it: With the (crushingly disappointing) ending of "Mad Men" (apple trees and honey bees, anyone?) lo those many weeks ago (not that I'm bitter), I found it hard to light upon a replacement that would be worthy of the kind of monomaniacal devotion that we paid to Weiner's Men.

  • Cannes Lions: Pregnant Kim K. Vs. The Pickles in Mad Blog on 06/25/2015

    We all know there's obvious hypocrisy surrounding the annual Cannes Lions International "Festival of Creativity": the insane costs, the scam award winners, the throwback hedonism at a time of agency cutbacks. But trying to savage it is about as effective as complaining that Kim Kardashian has no actual talent.

  • The Gift Of Trump: We Shall Overcomb in Mad Blog on 06/17/2015

    Let's face it: Donald Trump's presidential announcement (otherwise known as throwing his hairpiece, or clown-nose, into the ring) was the gift that keeps on giving. From its very first moment of optical pompitude, the launch achieved heights of comedy platinum that defied even Candidate Trump's newly silver signature combover-whirligig hair-chitecture.

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  • Metamurder by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 08/31/2015)

    say it, brother.

  • Freud, Goethe, And The Bookshelf: The Ikea Papers by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog on 08/27/2015)

    George-- Surely you jest! The whole point is how ponderous and tedious the German is, no? 

  • The Trumpman Show: The Pugnacious Prince Of Bel-Hair by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog on 08/20/2015)

    Yeah, the Donald constantly brags about the Wharton School, but he spent his first two years at Fordham (which is a good school, but he never mentions it.) And he got into Penn via connections. And when he was at his lowest point of declaring various banktruptcies , he got an inheritance from daddy Fred of over one million. And as they said of Geroge HW Bush, he was born on third base, in terms of making his earliest deals. 

  • What If Betty Draper Had Been A REAL Witch? by Gary Holmes (MediaDailyNews on 08/17/2015)

    Great article. But my takeaway is that by marrying the white collar male muggle, Samantha on Bewitched was NOT ALLOWED TO USE HER POWERS. how is that for a metaphor? Lucy (in I love) had to plot and plan and manipulate to get out of the house to use her powers.Betty is an extreme character, (most women were not models, most models had not gone to Bryn Mawr, etc. etc.) but much of what she was feeling was chronicled, as you said, in The Feminist Mystique, which was about upper middle class educated women.Otherwise, the women who came up in the 40s and 50s were taught that their number one job was getting and keeping a husband.

  • Why Agencies And Clients Are Calling It Quits by Gord Hotchkiss (Online Spin on 08/04/2015)

    dead-on analysis, Gord.

  • Chasing Amy: Is 'Trainwreck' Bad for Women? by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog on 07/23/2015)

    That's a good point about all the fellow comics she hired to be in the movie. That was nice. I think i was really offended as a journalist. (I know, it's a movie fantasty.) Especially in the part where she rewrites the piece about Aaron and submits it to Vanity Fair. From the voiceover in which she reads the beginning, it sounds terrible and trite. It not only gets picked up (would never happen) but the editor in chief greets her and personally edits the piece with her in his office. (NEVER.) Then it magically appears in the mail three days later! With her conversion to good girl-cheerleaderdom, does that mean that she can no longer be sarcastic and caustic? 

  • Chasing Amy: Is 'Trainwreck' Bad for Women? by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog on 07/23/2015)

    Neilan-- go see it. I had a few genuine laughs. Woody Allen moment, etc. But I guess she had to make the "arc" of a typical movie-- someone gets saved. They shoehorned all the sports people in to get the guy audience, I guess, but it was odd. Espciallly the scene with an intervention for the doctor starring Marv Albert and Chris Evert. But would love to hear your perspective! 

  • Sluts Get Cut -- And Other Everlasting Wisdom From 'UnREAL' by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog on 07/16/2015)

    So true, Larry. And thanks Meagan, I wanted to mention the masturbation scene but couldn't figure how to do it ! Although Rachel did! The whole show is so knowing, also about wardrobe. And the formal names they've given everything are dead on, i,e, "The Suitor."  It's also perfect that he's a down at the heels Brit who needs to fix his business reputation and has no intention of getting married! The scene where they had to pitch the new "suitor" and only got network acceptance when they promised floating boobs in space was priceless! 

  • Once More Into The Brief, Don Draper by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog on 05/28/2015)

    So dead on, Steven T! The quest for change was gone by the early 70s, and the "me generation" thing and self-actualization grew. And that has continued. With few to no answers, except consumerism. Don was a man out of time till Esalen. But I am so grateful that his obvious lack of facial hair and widened ties did not mean that he was already dead, as many people suspected. and thank you, FF. After the next MM-themed blog, I will review Happy-ish. (If I don't stick knitting needles in my eyes from how real-life bleak it is!)

  • Once More Into The Brief, Don Draper by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog on 05/28/2015)

    Very true about the hundreds who worked on the Coke ad (and a shout out to art director Harvey Gabor, who updated it for a Google series.) And mea culpa on the "It's Toasted." True dat. 

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