Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Around The Net

  • Portland Preps For Google FiberDslreports

    Prepping for the arrival of Google's 1 GB fiber network, Portland will soon review applications for so-called fiber huts, which will be placed at seven sites in the city, according to DSLReports. Each hut will be able to serve around 40,000 homes. ...Read the whole story

  • Reddit Launching Curated Content Site UpvotedWired

    Trying to repair its reputation as the Web’s ugly underbelly, Reddit is launching a new standalone news site named Upvoted. “The site looks and feels much like any other news site out there,” Wired writes. “But, unlike other news sites, it will be a part of Reddit … And, very much unlike Reddit, it won’t allow comments on the site at all. (Nor, despite its name, will it have any kind of upvoting system.)”   ...Read the whole story

  • Online Vs. Traditional: Consumers Have Same Level Of Trust, Study SaysThe Wrap

    Consumers are equally as trusting of traditional content creators as they are of online streaming platforms and brands, says a new study from Edelman.  Also for the first time, two of the top five entertainment companies that most readily come to people’s minds are online streaming platforms. Five years ago, 10 out of 10 were traditonal entertainment sources ...Read the whole story

  • Mars Explains Why It Wants To Handle Data Without Third PartiesThe Drum

    Mars is waking up to the value of its owned data -- sharpening how it collects, organises and activates those insights to ensure it doesn't have to go through third parties to access insights on its audiences. "We need to understand why managing and keeping your own data is important," Dan Burdett, global brand director for Snickers, told The Drum. "In the past, we, along with other companies, have fallen into the trap of allowing the data and information to be held by third parties." ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook To Launch A Satellite To Give Africa Fast BroadbandThe Mirror UK

    Facebook is planning to launch a satellite to provide Internet access to remote parts of Africa, the social network's founder has said. Mark Zuckerberg announced that the satellite was under construction and would be ready for launch into space in 2016 as part of the company's free mobile data schemeInternet.org. In a post on the site, Mr Zuckerberg said: "Connectivity changes lives and communities. We're going to keep working to connect the entire world -- even if that means looking beyond our planet." ...Read the whole story

Connected Objects vs. Being Connected

There are some subtleties around the Internet of Things. One example is that connected objects and being connected are not the same thing. Connected objects on the network can collectively provide masses of data in real ...More