Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Around The Net

  • Utah Lawmaker Proposes Anti-Doxing LawArstechnica

    A Utah lawmaker has proposed a new state law that would make it a crime to "dox" people by posting their personally identifiable information online in an attempt to harass them. The digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation says the bill's wording is so broad that the measure is "clearly unconstitutional." ...Read the whole story

  • CBS Boasts Big Super Bowl 50 Streaming NumbersTechCrunch

    Across laptops, desktops, tablets, connected TV devices and smartphones, CBS says that 3.96 million unique viewers tuned in to watch its live stream of Super Bowl 50. “In addition, CBS said that viewers consumed more than 402 million total minutes of coverage, watching for more than 101 minutes each on average,” TechCrunch reports. ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook Atlas Group Head Says Ad Blocking Down To Poor ExperiencesThe Drum

    Ad blocking is set to cost advertisers $41bn in paid-for ads that are ultimately never seen by their intended audiences, primarily due to the growing popularity of ad blockers, according to reports. However, this is primarily the result of advertisers' bungling attempts to win over audiences, especially as user behaviours go multi-screen, says Facebook Atlas' group head, and judge of The Drum's Digital Trading Awards (DTA) this year, Andy Mihalop. ...Read the whole story

  • Sorrell Claims 'Chickens Have Come Home To Roost' For Aggressive Tax AvoidersThe Mirror UK

    The "chickens have come home to roost" for big firms rocked by tax scandals, claims the world's most powerful adman. Sir Martin Sorrell questioned the "judgment" of companies such as Google, Amazon and Starbucks that use "very aggressive" methods to limit the amount of corporation tax they pay. The chief executive of industry giant WPP told the Mirror: "You can push the rules, you can abide by the laws, you can lower your tax rates. But should you do it from a question of judgment?" ...Read the whole story

  • FBI's Clinton Probe Remains OngoingPolitico

    The FBI's investigation of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server is "ongoing," at least as of earlier this month. A letter written by a lead FBI agent was filed in court this week revealing the information. ...Read the whole story