Monday, October 24, 2016

    Around The Net

    • FCC's Clyburn And Sen. Franken: Customers Should Have Right To Sue ISPsTime

      "In an age where reliable and affordable internet access is an absolute necessity, we believe that you shouldn’t have to give up your day in court to go online," FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn and Sen. Al Franken (D-Minnesota) write in a new op-ed. "That’s why we’re teaming up to try to eliminate mandatory arbitration clauses in telecom contracts." ...Read the whole story

    • AT&T Merger With Time Warner May Not Face FCC ReviewArstechnica

      AT&T's proposed merger with Time Warner will be reviewed by the Department of Justice, but may not also face review by the Federal Communications Commission. That's because Time Warner only has one broadcast station regulated by the FCC. ...Read the whole story

    • GoDaddy Offers Email Archiving And EncryptionTechRepublic

      Last week Web hosting company GoDaddy announced that it would be offering email archiving and email encryption for its customers who are Office 365 users. The services are targeted toward SMBs and will be available as "add-on services for all GoDaddy Office 365 customers," according to a press release. ...Read the whole story

    • Double Opt-In Makes For Better Qualified ListsHuffington Post

      The double opt-in process will often result in higher-quality recipients and lists. Most importantly, double opt-ins confirm the validity of new subscribers by asking them to complete a second step in the opt-in process -- usually by clicking a confirmation link in an email that was automatically triggered during the first step. The malicious trend of subscription bombing is on the rise. ...Read the whole story

    Kids Should Have 'Veto' Over Parents' Social Sharing, Docs Say

    Parents should consider instituting a family rule that gives kids a "veto" over any content concerning them shared on social media, according to a new study by pediatricians. ...More