Tuesday, May 26, 2015
  • Charter-Time Warner Deal Threatens Web Video, Advocates Warn

    Advocacy group Free Press is warning that Charter's proposed $56.7 billion acquisition of Time Warner, combined with Charter's acquisition of Bright House Networks, could pose some of the same risks to Netflix and other online video providers as Comcast's failed plan to merge with Time Warner. After the deals, Comcast and Charter will control a combined two-thirds of the U.S. high-speed broadband market, which will leave the companies in a position to harm online video companies, according to Free Press research director S. Derek Turner. ...Read the whole story

  • Charter Buys Time Warner Cable, Consolidates Its Cable Power

    Charter Communications, with big help from Liberty Media, has now moved quickly in buying Time Warner Cable in a proposed $56.7 billion deal -- after Comcast Corp.'s recent decision to abandon buying the cable company. The deals will make Charter the second-largest U.S. cable operator with 23.9 million total subscribers -- cable, broadband, and voice -- in 41 markets. ...Read the whole story

  • Israeli Startup Develops Foolproof Ad Addressability, Uses Your Actual Address

    A potentially disruptive new technology developed by an Israeli start-up takes the concept of addressability to a new extreme: It detects your actual address and uses it to scrape and gather all the data associated with where you live. The application is so powerful, say its developers, that it can know when you're at home or away in order to serve ads relevant to your physical proximity. ...Read the whole story

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  • Cox Ordered To Identify 250 Suspected Music DownloadersTorrentFreak

    A federal judge has ordered Cox Communications to reveal the identifies of 250 broadband subscribers whose accounts allegedly were used to download copyrighted music, Torrent Freak reports. The order requires Cox to provide names, addresses and other personal details of the subscribers. ...Read the whole story

  • TiVo Wants To Develop New Streaming Video ServiceDslreports

    TiVo, which recently acquired Aereo's customer lists for $1 million, hopes to offer a new, legal version of the streaming video service, according to DSLReports. But TiVo might have a hard time convincing any cable-TV partners to support a new online video service, given that it could “cannibalize existing pay TV subscribers,” DSLReports says. ...Read the whole story

  • Bank of England Uncovers Secret Investigation With Email Slip UpBBC

    The Bank of England accidentally revealed that it is exploring the financial risks of the UK leaving the EU in an email sent to The Guardian. The email revealed that a small group of senior staffers were exploring the economic effects it would have on the UK if the country left the EU. The investigation comes after British Prime Minister David Cameron promised an in/out referendum on the UK's EU membership by the end of 2017. ...Read the whole story

  • Google's Smart Teddy Bear PatentDigital Trends

    Any parent with small children who hires a sitter they barely know wishes they could have another set of eyes to keep tabs on what happens when they're not around. Take that one step further and connect it with the Internet of Things. Now a three-year-old Google patent filing recently emerged that could make that wish a reality. The smart teddy bear patent could listen to conversations, watch movements and control media devices. It would have built-in speakers, cameras and microphones. The patent filing suggests the technology could be made into a rabbit, bear, dragon or even alien form. ...Read the whole story

  • The Connection Between SEO And Server Log AnalysisMoz

    Samuel Scott explains how to use a site's server log analysis to improve search engine optimization. He defines the term "log file," tells marketers how to access it, and explains ways to analyze the information, and how to gain insights from the data marketers can apply to search engine optimization. ...Read the whole story

  • So What? NYT's Paul Krugman's Dim View of Digital's Economic BenefitsThe New York Times
Mobile Rising, But Desktop Isn't Declining

Although the percentages might suggest otherwise, the rise of mobile Internet access doesn't spell the decline of desktop. Instead mobile Internet use appears to be additive to desktop Internet, the Wall Street Journal's CMO blog points ...More

  • Lessons Learned From NATO's Communications Team

    When the rise of digital changed the communications landscape, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) had a problem. Like many other international organizations, their communications strategy wasn't yet used to digital systems, and they had to ...More

  • Carpet Bombing: When Trademarks Do Harm

    When intellectual property attorneys wedge themselves between the federal government and business, the billings and absurdity tend to run wild. Deep focus on the value of the trademark can result in a perversion of other values, ...More