Friday, April 29, 2016

Around The Net

  • US Wireless Networks Worse Than Counterparts Abroad Dslreports

    US wireless carriers perform are performing worse than carriers in other countries, according to a new study by Apteligent STL Partners. The report says the five highest performing networks are in the France and the UK; the lowest are in Germany, Italy, Spain and the United States. The report measured mobile ISPs on error rate, latency consistency, download speed and average latency. ...Read the whole story

  • FTC Investigating PayPal-Owned Venmo Consumerist

    The Federal Trade Commission is investigating whether PayPal's Venmo service engaged in deceptive or unfair practices, the company revealed in a quarterly earnings report. PayPal acquired Venmo in 2009. The company allows users to send payments to each other online. ...Read the whole story

  • Supreme Court Expands FBI Hacking Power Reuters

    The Supreme Court has approved a rule change that will let U.S. judges issue search warrants for access to computers located within any jurisdiction. “U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts transmitted the rules to Congress,” Reuters reports. The ruling came “despite opposition from civil liberties groups who say it will greatly expand the FBI's hacking authority.” ...Read the whole story

  • Ad Blockers Find Fans in APAC Markets The Drum

    While the threat of ad blocking is widespread across the region--90% said they would consider using them--attitudes to advertising are varied in individual markets. More Australians (65%) are put off by being forced to watch a pre-roll than Southeast Asians (45%). But those Asians are more disturbed by ads that are deemed inauthentic.   ...Read the whole story

  • Google Urged: Drop Livestream Of GOP Confab Re/code

    Protesters from civil rights groups as Color of Change and CREDO have petitioned Google to drop plans to livestream the GOP convention in Cleveland, to show its disavowal of Donald Trump's "hateful" positions.  ...Read the whole story

  • Senate Moves Forward On IoT Policy Nextgov

    The United States might be one step closer to having a unified strategy for using the Internet of Things to its economic advantage. A Senate commerce committee on Wednesday passed the DIGIT Act, which would require the Federal Communications Commission to report on the spectrum required to support a network of billions of devices. It would also convene working groups, composed of public and private sector representatives, to advise Congress on Internet of Things-related policy. ...Read the whole story

  • 30% of Phishing Messages Opened by Recipient: Verizon Business Insider
Google Play Calls Out Ad-Supported Apps

In the name of transparency and user friendliness, Google just made it harder for app developers to make a buck. ...More