Monday, January 23, 2017
  • Amazon Appeals FTC Win In Battle Over In-App Purchases

    Amazon is appealing an order requiring the company to reimburse parents whose children made in-app purchases without authorization. ...Read the whole story

  • Twitter Streaming Of Inauguration Down From Comparable Events, Russian Viewing Doubled

    If Donald Trump's inauguration had the largest audience ever to witness it, it most likely did not come from people streaming it via the President's favorite media platform, Twitter. According to an analysis of user traffic data to Twitter's stream of the inauguration, it was down significantly from comparable recent events. The analysis, conducted by Jumpshot, could not compare Trump's inauguration to previous presidential inaugurations, because live streaming via Twitter was not available then, but comparing it to other similar recent political events of national interest -- Election Day, and the opening days of the Republican and Democratic national conventions ... ...Read the whole story

  • Now FCC Stepping In On IoT Regulations

    The U.S. government seems to have its eye on the Internet of Things, as another report on the role of IoT regulation was just issued. The report by the FCC addresses cybersecurity, including the Internet of Things as a driving force and the need for regulatory bodies to step in. Specifically, the more than 50-page document proposes that there is a gap between the consumer expectation of IoT device security and the security that is actually built into those devices by the brands making them. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    Snapchat Tells Its Partners To Clean Up Their Acts

    Snapchat says it is now barring publishers in its Discover section from using images or headlines that lack editorial value or may promote fake news. ...More