Friday, September 23, 2016

    Around The Net

    • I-Dressup Leaks Teen Girls' Log-In DataArstechnica

      A hacker has downloaded more than 2.2 million e-mail addresses and passwords from i-Dressup, a site aimed at teen girls. The site reportedly stored the passwords in plaintext. "I-Dressup bills itself as a secure site that goes out of its way to protect the privacy of its users, particularly those who are under the age of 13 years old," Ars Technica writes. ...Read the whole story

    • T-Mobile Backs Plan To Replace Cable Boxes With AppsBroadcasting & Cable

      T-Mobile says it supports the FCC's proposal to replace set-top boxes with apps. The wireless company says the plan is a reasonable way to promote competition in video navigation devices. ...Read the whole story

    • AT&T Hinders Google Fiber With New Lawsuit In NashvilleDslreports

      AT&T is suing Nashville over a new ordinance that's expected to enable Google Fiber to roll out in the city. The ordinance allows third parties to move equipment on utility poles, which will then enable Google Fiber to attach to the poles. AT&T argues that the city doesn't have the right to authorize outside parties to move AT&T's equipment. The lawsuit will slow deployment while also "helping to fuel the perception that Google Fiber isn't making the kind of deployment progress it should be," according to DSLReports. ...Read the whole story

    • Security Researchers Warn Of Issues With Home DevicesZDNet

      Criminals are hacking into Internet of Things devices, taking advantage of their inherently weak security protocols to hijack them into performing distributed denial of service (DDoS) attackss DDoS attacks represent a growing threat to businesses, with attacks getting bigger and more dangerous all the time -- and connected devices are now making it even easier for hackers to carry them out. Many IoT devices are installed in the home or workplace then simply forgotten about by their owners, making them the perfect target for hackers to infect with malware and recruit into a zombie network to attack other targets -- all while ... ...Read the whole story

    • IoT Study Finds Devices Emailing Doctors May Breach Data LawsICO
    • YouTube Heroes Or Snitches?BBC
    Advertisers May Not 'Like" Facebook As Much Now

    Is there a Facebook emoji that shows an exec with egg on his face? Maybe there ought to be. Facebook just admitted it wildly overestimated the time spent on ads on the site. ...More