MPAA Sues Megaupload For Copyright Infringement
The defunct cyberlocker Megaupload and its embattled founder, Kim Dotcom, were hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit this week by the Motion Picture Association of America. The MPAA's lawsuit comes more than two years after federal authorities shut down Megaupload and indicted Dotcom for criminal copyright infringement.» 1 Comments
FTC Allowed To Sue Wyndham For Failing To Protect Users' Data
A federal judge has sided with the Federal Trade Commission in a high-profile dispute with Wyndham Hotels about its security practices.» 3 Comments
Consumers Want Appellate Court To Let Gmail Ads Lawsuit Proceed As Class-Action
Consumers who say that their privacy is violated by Gmail ads are urging an appellate court to allow them to proceed with a class-action.» 1 Comments
Actress Says 'Innocence Of Muslims' Censorship Order Doesn't Violate Free Speech
A controversial order requiring Google to censor the video "Innocence of Muslims" doesn't violate the free-speech rights of either Google or users who want to view the clip, actress Cindy Lee Garcia argues in new court papers.» 4 Comments
Google Wants To Edit Public Record Of Court Hearing
In a remarkable push for secrecy, Google has asked a federal judge to delete portions of a transcript of a court hearing -- even though the proceeding was held in public and attended by members of the media.» 0 Comments
Ad Groups Tout Self-Regulation To White House
The government's ability to snoop on consumers poses very different policy issues than ad companies' use of data for marketing purposes. So say the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Association of National Advertisers, both of which filed comments this week with the Office of Science and Technology Policy.» 1 Comments
Cole Haan Draws FTC Notice With Pinterest Contest
Cole Haan's "Wandering Sole" contest on Pinterest has drawn the attention of the Federal Trade Commission, which is indicating that the retailer potentially engaged in an unfair or deceptive practice with the initiative.» 1 Comments
Microsoft Promises To Stop Searching Users' Emails
In an about face, Microsoft's general counsel Brad Smith said today that the company won't again take it upon itself to search users' email accounts. Now, if the company suspects that a user's email contains evidence of a crime, Microsoft will turn the matter over to the authorities.» 1 Comments
Facebook Defeats Teens' Lawsuit Challenging Sponsored Stories
Handing Facebook a big win, a federal judge has thrown out a potential class-action lawsuit alleging that the company violated teens' rights by using their names and images in ads. The judge ruled that Facebook's "Statement of Rights and Responsibilities" protected the site from the lawsuit. Facebook's terms provide that users who "like" products or services also consent to have their names and images used in ads.» 0 Comments
Court Order Censoring 'Innocence Of Muslims' Continues To Raise Questions
It's safe to say that when actress Cindy Garcia answered a Backstage casting call for an Egyptian adventure film, she had no idea what she was getting into. Instead of the action flick "Desert Warrior," the director created "Innocence of Muslims," an inflammatory piece that sparked controversy -- and was blamed for causing riots in the Middle East -- when it appeared on YouTube in mid-2012. Garcia says that she received death threats as a result of her five-second appearance in the film.» 0 Comments
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