Friday, February 5, 2016

Around The Net

  • Former FCC Commissioner Argues Warns Against Charter Merger With TWC, Bright HouseMedium

    Former FCC Commissioner Michael Copps says Charter's merger with Time Warner and Bright House Networks presents harms that are "just as serious" as those presented by Comcast's unsuccessful attempt to acquire Time Warner. "The three merging companies would create a new Mega Cable company, controlling about one-third of the nation’s cable and cable broadband markets," Copps writes in a post on Medium. "When you add it up, the new company would look a lot like, well, Comcast. Yes, this merger would create a new Comcast—a national cable giant with the ability and the incentive to thwart competition, diversity, and consumer choice." ...Read the whole story

  • AT&T Cast As 'Villain' In Tennessee Muni-Broadband BattleChattanooga Times Free Press

    Advocates for rural broadband in Tennessee pressed state lawmakers to allow Chattanooga's EPB to expand its ultra-fast network to other parts of the state. AT&T, Comcast and other incumbent providers oppose a bill that would enable the expansion. Sen. Todd Gardenhire, R-Chattanooga, a proponent of muni-broadband, blamed AT&T for the bill's failure to move forward. "Don't fall for the argument that this is a free market versus government battle," Gardenhire reportedly said at a rally this week. "It is not. AT&T is the villain here, and so are the other people and cable." ...Read the whole story

  • Google Adds Safe Browsing FeatureseWeekNews

    Google has added Safe Browsing capabilities in an effort to protect users from malware and social engineering scams. “Google's Safe Browsing technology will now warn people using Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox Internet browsers of image ads and other embedded content in Web pages that the company deems as being malicious or potentially unsafe,” EWeek reports. ...Read the whole story

  • Security Holes Found In More Smart ToysThe Register

    Researchers with arguably too much time on their hands have discovered security blunders surrounding Fisher-Price Smart Toys and hereO GPS watches for children. Fortunately, the two sets of vulnerabilities, discovered by security researchers at Metasploit biz Rapid7, have been addressed and fixed by both affected vendors. Even so, the failure by the toymakers to discover the flaws during quality control before the products left the drawing board, let alone the factory, once again raises concerns about the security of internet and mobile-enabled gadgets and gizmos. Improper authentication handling by a Wi-Fi-equipped digital stuffed animal from Fisher-Price could have allowed attackers to ... ...Read the whole story

  • LinkedIn's Programmatic Business Is In 'Swift Decline'AdExchanger

    AdExchanger's Sarah Sluis reports: "LinkedIn’s display business is in swift decline." During its latest earnings call, LinkedIn said premium display “continued to face secular headwinds,” according to CFO Steve Sordello, who said it declined 30% year over year,  accounting for just 15% of the marketing mix. "The upside is that people buying on open exchanges now have more to choose from: LinkedIn has started to offer inventory in programmatic exchanges, which it will pursue further in 2016." ...Read the whole story

Why Millennials Block Ads, In Their Own Words

An eMarketer story last year reported two in three Millennials block ads. With this high rate in mind, I was curious about rationalizations behind blocking. ...More