Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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    • Lawmakers Seek Answers On IoT HackingConsumerist

      Lawmakers are questioning federal agencies about tools that could prevent future hacking via Internet of Things devices. The move comes several days after a denial of service attack resulted in the temporary shutdown of Twitter, Reddit and other sites. That attack is thought to have stemmed from security weaknesses in connected devices, including Webcams. ...Read the whole story

    • PissedConsumer Sues Over Alleged Conspiracy To Squelch Bad ReviewsThe Recorder

      Review site PissedConsumer.com says it was the target of a "brilliant but incredibly unethical" effort to squelch bad reviews on the site. The company that runs the site sued a host of defendants, including two lawyers, for allegedly bringing sham defamation lawsuits against "stooge defendants." The stooge defendants, who only pretended that they authored the bad reviews posted to PissedConsumer.com, stipulated in court that the reviews were defamatory, according to the complaint. Those stipulated judgments allegedly were then presented to search engines, who de-indexed the bad reviews. ...Read the whole story

    • Trump Campaign Debuts Facebook Live 'Show'Wired

      Donald Trump’s presidential campaign just unveiled a show that will stream on the candidate’s Facebook page every night, via Facebook Live. As Wired notes: “Members of the media quickly seized on the event, calling it a test drive for Trump TV, the post-election television network that Trump is rumored to be considering in the event he loses in November.” ...Read the whole story

    • Why NFL Won't Be The 'Hail Mary' Twitter NeedsRe/code

      Twitter's deal to show NFL games is a good idea, but it wlil only generate an extra $13 million or so, says Morgan Stanley analyst Brian Nowak. ...Read the whole story

    • Verizon CEO Hints That Yahoo Deal is Still onVenture Beat

      Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam commended AT&T's plans to acquire Time Warner and compared the deal to Verizon's plans to buy Yahoo. ...Read the whole story

    Ad Industry: FCC Shouldn't Break A Privacy Model That Works

    Sometimes good government policy is as simple as a schoolyard aphorism: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. ...More

    • Outlook Mixed On Implications Of AT&T Time Warner Tie-Up

      The $85 billion merger between AT&T and Time Warner would be a historic deal and form a giant, to be sure. There are implications for advertising, programmatic TV, data, data-driven audience targeting, and more. ...More