• Most Real-Time Data Isn't Really Real Time
    Not all offline data will integrate into so-called real-time systems in real time, because the systems that feed data into management platforms cannot process data as the transactions occur, according to Tony Giordano, executive vice president, technology solutions group, Merkle. The topic of real-time data came up while talking about the Data Management Cloud platform Merkle launched last week.The solution integrates traditional offline and digital data, Giordano said. "
  • 'Financial Times' Introduces Ad Rates By The Hour
    For the umpteenth time in 20 years, a major publisher is trying to change the conversation about how we value online content, context and attention.
  • Verizon's, AOL's Data Trove
    With Verizon's purchase of AOL, its immediate goal will be to combine its customer data with AOL's to serve ads with better targeting capabilities. That's just for starters, said Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne. There's set-top box, mobile, and digital telephone data. If you start to think about the amount of data the two companies will combine, it becomes mind-boggling.
  • And The Children Shall Lead Us...Away From The TV Set
    The 14- to 24-year-old segment of media consumer have left the tribe. They are unimpressed by our old totems and rituals.
  • How Data Turned A Memoir Into Showtime Hit 'House Of Lies'
    How did a "hard-working schmo in consulting" just write down words that sound funny and turn it into a memoir? Not only turn it into a memoir, but sell it to Showtime, which in turn turned it into a hit television show called "House of Lies"? In fact Gartner Analyst Martin Kihn wrote three memoirs. In fact, Gartner analyst Martin Kihn wrote three memoirs. "The secret is, I had information no one else had," he said. "I had a point of view that I worked hard to gather. It was unique first-party data," related to consulting speak.
  • Gannett: Personalization, Data Capture Will Drive Growth For Premium Publishers
    On mobile devices, publishers find themselves in the "boredom management" business, competing with other apps much more personally relevant and fun than theirs, says Gannett Chief Digital Officer David Payne.
  • Google's Project Fi And The Next Challenge To Protect Data
    If Google's Project Fi proves successful, users may become even more cautious about transacting commerce on smartphones, and brands will need to work with Google to convince consumers it's safe to make transactions.
  • Wrong Moment, Wrong Place: Is Apple Watch A Driving Hazard?
    The newly released Apple Watch has prompted predictable but understandable worries about media distraction and consumer safety. But it also reminds us how wearable media turn users into curators who will control more precisely which data inputs get through.
  • Political Campaigns And The Race Between Social, Search
    The increase in prices to advertise on social sites like Facebook could push U.S. presidential candidates into the arms of search engine marketers, especially on the Yahoo-Bing network, where the cost per click (CPC) remains lower for many keywords.
  • What The Hell Are You Watching Now?: The New "TV" Experience
    For many of us, TV stopped being TV a long time ago. We're still waiting for advertisers to catch up.
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