Blab Predicts With 70% Accuracy Trending Topics 72 Hours In Advance
The Seattle-based startup Blab wants to become the crystal ball of advertising. It created technology allowing brands to predict, with 70% accuracy, trending topics up to 72 hours in advance by analyzing social conversations.» 0 Comments
Programmatic Now Delivering More Than A Third Of Ads For Top Buyers
If you simply count ads and attribute them to a purchasing channel then programmatic platforms had a very very good year in 2013, according to metrics firms Adomic.» 0 Comments
Social, Mobile Ups Marketers' Influence On Media Consumption
Marketers concentrate on analyzing consumer behavior, but what part does the behavior of brand marketers play when they attempt to connect with existing and potential customers? Display and email adoption continues to increase, even as social and mobile becomes more popular, per a new study.» 0 Comments
Tesla Drivers Like Drudge: Carefully Targeting The Connected Car
The early browsing results are in, and owners of Tesla's always connected car are spending an inordinate amount of time (you guessed it) checking that the economy and stocks that made their car affordable are still chugging along.» 4 Comments
How Small Businesses Find Profit In Loyal Customers
Nurturing existing customers may seem like a lost art, especially for small business owners. While most seem to focus on acquiring new customers rather than supporting those who keep coming back, data from a study on small business owners released Wednesday reveals many have begun to change their ways.» 1 Comments
What's That Cow Doing There? Google Animates Warrant Requests
Google's animated short illustrating its handling of data warrant requests is troubling because it is cute. Government investigators become Blues Brothers, legal overreaching becomes a Lego gator, Google becomes Mom.» 0 Comments
Digitaria's Three Steps To Better Data Management
How fast would a baseball need to travel to reach Digitaria's twelfth floor San Diego office balcony overlooking Padre's stadium? I have no idea, but the amazing view from atop makes you want to calculate the number and give it a try. Rather than delve deeper into this idea, though, I sat down with Digitaria President Doug Hecht; VP of Insights and Action Karen Bellin, and SVP of Strategy Mark Newcomer to talk about ways marketers can make the best use of data. It may seem simple, but the task can overwhelm even the most experienced marketers.» 0 Comments
Honest-ly: Personalization Boosts Conversions For The Honest Company
Jessica Alba's product subscription service for busy moms was a personal service that hadn't discovered personalized messaging and marketing. Leveraging analytics and targeted emails massively accelerated conversions and saved the company money on a number of fronts.» 1 Comments
Google To Introduce Android Wear Smartwatches
Google aims to bring watches back in vogue after people gave them up years ago with the emergence of mobile phones. On Tuesday the company introduced Android Wear, the operating system that will expand past Google Glass into other wearable technology. The first wearable devices powered by this system will be smartwatches, the kind wearers can interact with through a glance or a spoken word. The data the device will collect with help from electronic components will become insurmountable if advertising agencies and Google cannot sort through the signals.» 2 Comments
New Technology, Old Behavior: Click-To-Call Optimizes Comfort And Efficiency
In an interesting way, the mobilized Web has helped reiterate, not undermine, the unique value and efficiency of a phone call. Click-to-call has always been a quiet giant in the mobile space.» 1 Comments
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