Friday, October 24, 2014

Around The Net

  • Facebook & Yahoo Team on Email SecurityBeta News

    Facebook and Yahoo have revealed a new email standard called RRVS (Require-Recipient-Valid-Since) to help protect users against potential fraud. Since Yahoo began its email address recycling program, Facebook users that created their accounts with their now dormant Yahoo account, the social networking account could be taken over by the new user of the Yahoo account. The new standard is designed to prevent this kind of hijacking. ...Read the whole story

  • Google's Inbox Stresses Importance of Mobile OptimizationForbes

    Ever since Google revealed its new email platform "Inbox" this week, email marketers have been speculating on what it will mean for them. In a discussion on the Q&A social network Quora, Noya Lizor, Head Honcho at The Best of Email, pointed out that Inbox is mobile based giving marketers yet another reason to optimize for mobile. ...Read the whole story

  • Email Isn't Going Anywhere in the WorkplaceThe Wall Street Journal

    While collaboration tools like Yammer and Chatter are hot communications tools at startups, the reality is that email is unlikely to be replaced in most businesses. The Wall Street Journal interviewed a handful of CIOs at large companies including: Covanta Energy Corp., NuStar Energy and Dominion Enterprises and all agreed that email works well in the workplace. ...Read the whole story

  • How Email Is Portrayed in MoviesEntertainment Weekly

    Email and text messages are popping up in movies these days, but can be a bit boring to look at on screen. Filmmaker Tony Zhou has created a video which explains some creative ways that email and text messages are being illustrated in movies. Tricks include messages that float over the screen, as well as actions taking place right on the desktop. ...Read the whole story

  • NYPD Officers Will Soon Have Email Addresses & SmartphonesGothamist

    New York City police officers are getting email addresses and smartphones that can scan fingerprints. The city will soon hand out 35,000 handheld devices and 6,000 "ruggedized tablet computers" to NYPD. Officers will be given department-issued email addresses, which will be used as a communications tool for police information and records which were previously only available at the precinct. ...Read the whole story

In 2015, Automation Technologies Will Ease Path To Contextual

Ready or not, here it comes. A wave of marketing that has been growing for years -- contextual marketing -- will reach new heights in 2015. If your organization does not have the ability to capture ...More

  • Five Quick Wins For A User-Friendly Email Campaign

    Brands are doing amazing work with innovating email and are sure to be reaping the rewards. However, not all companies are able to compete with the big players; you may not have the resources or staff, ...More