Monday, March 2, 2015

Around The Net

  • Uber Breach Exposes Data From 50,000 DriversArstechnica

    Uber has revealed a data breach in which one of its databases had a point of entry for unauthorized users. The database included driver names, email addresses and license numbers of about 50,000 drivers in multiple states. The company is now notifying those partners whose data was exposed. ...Read the whole story

  • Autopilot Brings Email Automation & Personalization to SMBsVentureBeat

    Autopilot, a San Francisco-based tech firm, has launched a multichannel marketing platform that aims to take marketers beyond just email. The service offers email automation and personalization tools for the SMB marketplace. The company's co-founder has positioned the company between MailChimp and Marketo. ...Read the whole story

  • After Work Emails Can Make Employees Angry: StudyPsych Central

    Employees that are sent emails and text messages after work are more likely to become angry, says a new report from the College of Business at the University of Texas at Arlington. The researchers surveyed 341 working adults overseen days and identified the subject's feelings when they opened work emails outside of the office. "People who were part of the study reported they became angry when they received a work email or text after they had gone home and that communication was negatively worded or required a lot of the person's time," Marcus Butts, Ph.D., the author of the study ... ...Read the whole story

  • British Phone/Internet Carrier Reveals Data Breach

    British phone and email provider TalkTalk has revealed a data breach that exposed customer data in late 2014. The hackers stole customer account numbers, addresses, emails and phone numbers, and used this data in targeted phishing attacks. The company attributed the breach to a third-party contractor that had access to the data. ...Read the whole story

Descriptive, Predictive And Prescriptive Analytics

Where does the Big Data discussion fit into your analytics discussion? Analytics generally is the hardest thing to sell to a budget-conscious marketer, because it's vastly ill defined in companies and hard to translate to terms ...More