Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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  • Email Volume to Hit 207 Billion Messages by 2017: RadicatiThe Financial Times

    Worldwide email volume hit 182 billion emails in 2013, according to research from Radicati Group. That number is expected to reach 207 billion by 2017. Business is the mail purpose of email traffic. According to the research, business users sent 100 billion of the 182 billion messages. The average business person sees between 100 and 120 emails on a daily basis. ...Read the whole story

  • Only Half of American Parents Aware of How Schools Track Their Kids' Email HabitsT H E Journal

    U.S. parents are behind parents in other countries when it comes to knowledge of how their children's online and email habits are being tracked in schools. According to research from, only 51 percent of American parents are aware of the digital data that schools are monitoring on students, as compared to 75 percent of Malaysian parents and 71 percent of Polish parents who keep track of the practice. Those American parents that are aware of the practice are concerned over the practice. In fact, nine out of 10 are "concerned or very concerned about the practice." ...Read the whole story

  • Urban Outfitters CEO Sends Email to Employees Defending Kent State SweatshirtGawker

    After being criticized in the media, Urban Outfitters CEO Dick Hayne sent an email to employees explaining why the company decided to sell a Kent State sweatshirt that looked like it was stained in blood. In the email, Hayne explained that the item was not actually soaked in blood and was a one-of-a-kind piece that was purchased at a flea market and resold as part of the retailer's vintage line, along with other vintage college sweatshirts: "We are proud of the Urban Renewal concept and believe that the vintage buyers have done an outstanding job in giving our customers what ... ...Read the whole story

  • GMX Explains How Bitcoin Founder's Email Account Could Have Been Accessed by a New UserForbes

    After Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto's old email account started sending emails contacting people from his address book, theories have been spinning online about how the account was accessed. GMX, the German company that powers the email account wouldn't comment on the specific issue, but a spokesman for the company told Forbes that it's possible that if the account is inactive for six months, another user could take control of the email address. ...Read the whole story

  • Video Helps B-to-B Marketers Increase Response

    B-to-b marketers have been finding that adding a video to their emails has helped them increase the response rates of those emails. Hubspot, for example, added a to its sales emails and saw a 16.4 percent increase in click thoughts, a 583 percent increase above the industry average of 2.4 percent industry benchmark for b-to-b emails. Wistia found that emails that have videos garner a 38 percent click through rate average, much higher than the company's regular emails which see an average 12 percent click through rate. ...Read the whole story

Why Your Customers Really Don't Like 'We Thought You Might Like'

Personalisation has been a buzzword in sales, marketing and customer service circles for many years. Get it right and you will improve loyalty, advocacy and sales, but the problem is that personalisation, or behavioural merchandising as ...More