Friday, October 21, 2016

    Around The Net

    • WikiLeaks Publishes Obama's Personal Email AddressCNBC

      WikiLeaks has published President Barack Obama's personal email address in its latest dump. The email address,, was used by Obama during the presidential transition at the end of the 2008 campaign. The address was revealed as an email address that John Podesta communicated with. ...Read the whole story

    • Email Distractions Lead to Less Productivity Fast Company

      Hyper-responsiveness to email is making workers less productive. According to UC Irvine researcher Gloria Mark, it takes the average office worker about 20 minutes to return to their work after being interrupted by an email distraction. ...Read the whole story

    • Trump is Getting Into the Email Newsletter BusinessVenture Beat

      Rumors are circulating that Donald Trump is trying to parlay his presidential run into a chance to start a right-wing media company that relies on email. According to reports, Trump could use his popularity to develop a recurring email newsletter and monetize the letter with advertising. Trump is already working with LiveIntent to sell ads within his email reach. ...Read the whole story

    • Russian Hackers Hacked Podesta's Email: SecureWorksPolitico

      The Gmail account of Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta was hacked by the same Russian hackers that broke into the email of the DNC and the DCCC, according to a new report from security firm SecureWorks. The hackers, known as Fancy Bear, used customized spear-phishing links to attract each target and then encoded their email addresses within them. ...Read the whole story

    • Weebly Reveals Massive Data BreachCSO online

      Weebly, a site that helps people create websites, has experienced a data breach. The company, which has helped more than 40 million people create websites since 2007, has begun letting users know about the data breach that took place in February 2016. The compromised database exposed the user data of 43,430,316 customers. ...Read the whole story

    • Google Can Now Create 'Complete Portrait Of A User By Name'Pro Publica
    GDPR Is The Antidote To Every Email Marketer's Worst Nightmare -- Apathy

    People will drop off lists -- but that will send deliverability in the right direction and leave people who actually want to hear from you rather than those who haven't gotten around to telling you to ...More

    • Security And Privacy Concerns Not Just A Yahoo Problem

      Yahoo: Time of death, oh about a week ago," said the headline in the IT Professionals newsletter I just got. The reason? The hacking that compromised up to a billion accounts. The secret backdoor access so ...More