If An Email Is Opened On Android Without Images Turned On, Does it Exist?

No surprises here: In its latest Mobile Email Opens Report, data management firm Knotice revealed that the share of mobile email opens continues growing by leaps and bounds, up 32% in the first half of 2012 compared to the second half of 2011. 36% of all email opens are now occurring on mobile devices (25% smartphones, 11% tablets), with the remaining 64% of email opens occurring on desktops. But something strange is brewing when you dig deeper into the numbers. According to Knotice's report, nearly four times as many emails are being opened on iPhones than on Android smartphones. Meanwhile, ...More

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    The rise in popularity of content marketing means that many organizations are now at the risk of content chaos. An editorial calendar for email closes content gaps in your email program, produces new targeting opportunities, aligns your email content with your other channels, and uncovers new ways to repurpose existing content. ...More

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