Monday, September 17, 2012

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      • Presidential Candidates Employ Very Different Email StrategiesHanford Sentinel

        Both presidential candidates are working more email into their campaign communications, but with different strategies. The Obama campaign's most popular word in emails is "you" and the channel's principal objectives are to make supporters feel connected to the campaign and to raise money. The Romney strategy is to raise temperatures, not money. The most commonly word used is "Obama" and the content strategy is to stoke anger and outrage. ...Read the whole story

      • US Army Finally Moving to a Global Email

        In March 2013, the US Army is finally moving to a global email system for all 1.4 million service personnel. Currently half a million Army users are not on a global account. The new system is forecast to save $100 million per year. ...Read the whole story

      • FanMail to Launch New Tools to Integrate Social Content Into

        FanMail, a specialist in email marketing for the entertainment industry, launches next month, a new platform that allows its clients of musicians and other performers to post create targeted email messages using content previously posted on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social channels. FanMail's email backend is powered by ExactTarget. ...Read the whole story

      • The Importance of Supply Chain Email Security for SMEsSupply Chain Digital

        Because email is the primary channel of communication for two-thirds of businesses, Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) working as part of a supply chain for larger enterprises must be particularly diligent about email security.  ...Read the whole story

      • Blue Kangaroo Sorts Daily Deals and Removes Them from Cluttered InboxesMarketWatch

        Blue Kangaroo, a new service by startup ChoozOn, aims to clean up inboxes and increase the visibility of daily deal offers by removing the many tempting sale messages into their own space, out of the personal inbox. The service provides consumers with an easy way to scan offers from different deal sites, and also prioritizes the most relevant based on consumer interests.  ...Read the whole story

      If An Email Is Opened On Android Without Images Turned On, Does it Exist?

      No surprises here: In its latest Mobile Email Opens Report, data management firm Knotice revealed that the share of mobile email opens continues growing by leaps and bounds, up 32% in the first half of 2012 ...More

      • Why Your Email Marketing Needs an Editorial Calendar

        The rise in popularity of content marketing means that many organizations are now at the risk of content chaos. An editorial calendar for email closes content gaps in your email program, produces new targeting opportunities, aligns ...More

      • Goblins 'n Stuff

        With Fall around the corner, and WalMart doing Great Pumpkin setups, here's some trends from last year's Halloween campaigns compiled by Experian to anticipate this year. ...More